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Ya. You just made that up I've been working on that theme song for a week. Nope Carolina you are a quick little smarty pants. I didn't make that up. Well, let's get on with today's show. The first person I would like to meet in heaven. Is Dougie Stupor. Not who's W stupor, not interesting story. I was in junior high. So. We are going back sometime. And I had a baseball glove, and and this was not just any baseball glove. You know what I mean you like this baseball gloves. Did I ever I slept with it? I brought it to dances. I went everywhere with that baseball glove. I didn't take that darn thing off my hand for a whole year and then one day. My baseball glove goes missing. And I panic I mean I tried to burn down the school. I called the FBI. I got a drug sniffing dog and tried to teach it to smell leather. It found Horse Saddles and wallets and car seats, but the stupid dog never found my glove. Then one day I got hot tip. Some people said that they saw Dougie Stupor, not with my glove and the park. They'll stupor. Not had the locker right next to mine, so it made perfect sense. I went to his house and I confronted him. And you know what he did. He lied. Right to my face so long story short when I get to heaven I'm GonNa. Find Dougie Stupor not and I'm GonNa Punch him in the nose and get my glove back. The first person you meet in heaven a guy named. Dougie, Dubernard, you're going to punch in the nose Yep. Okay, who else would you like to meet? In Heaven? Michael Jackson. A okay, that's interesting. Roy Does that surprise you. We were friends once I. I didn't know anything about any of that other junk that was going on I was. I was more friends with Tito, but Michael I had a love of animals we shared. He has monkeys and had Baxter. Anyway most people know that for a short while I had the world's largest collection of domesticated bighorn sheep. Can you domesticate a bighorn sheep? Not Really, but I had two of them in my backyard, and they were about as domesticated as you could get. That was the world's largest collection world's largest, or maybe they were. They were just sick. Who knows? I had the Jackson's over for dinner one night. Michael was just a boy, maybe fourteen anyway. I I could tell he liked the bighorns, and well. It was a wonderful night we played twister and sang songs, and and then they left, and then I noticed that one of my bighorns was gone now yeah, the one I called. Lazy but on account that he never moved or did anything just sat around and look tired and sad, and then I found out years later Michael. Jackson has a whole Zuid is happening. So the proof is in the pudding. I know that that Guy Stole one of my bighorns anyway when I get to heaven I'm GonNa Find Michael Jackson Punch in the nose and find out what happened to my bighorn sheep..

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