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You can see Diana covering training camps all over this great country, but was most recently in New York for the jets training camp. Diana, we appreciate you taking the time to join us this morning, and I gotta start off with the one guy we expect. It sounds like the Sam darnold kids doing. All right. So far. I asked the excitement around him darnold leading into training camp. It was pretty high considering the fact that it was just a few months ago that the jets owner was saying that that pick was going to change the direction of this organization where to look back in twenty years and say, when they pick Sam darnold. That's when it all changed. Well, it's certainly certainly very early here, but it is starting to look really good in terms of Sam darnold progression with the jets offense. You know, you guys know last Monday, he finally signed his contract. So he missed three practices. This past Saturday, with his fourth practice with the team, they played at Rutgers University under the lights. There's really the first time jet fans got to see darnold out there, and there's a little element of extra pressure of course, when you know when you have fans watching, and that was something that I know coaches were interested to see how we would handle all of that. And he seemed to have zero. Issue with the pressure out there. He his mobility guys, that was something I wasn't even expecting to see in in terms of his accuracy is ability to pass on the run. All these little check marks. We were able to make as we were watching him. He went for nine, eleven, no interceptions. He does Gordon touchdowns, but he's just overall please and comping. He didn't look like a rookie out there and even talking to the coaches after the games and some of the players as well. Most will tell you the same thing, which is I can't believe he's a rookie. That's how much he's impressing the jets team right now. Diana's almost TV last night on sports center. We won't talk about the fact that he outed you as as living with your parents, but I do wanna talk about the man in conversation you guys had. So from the rookie to the old head, a house, Eli, looking. Pod is apparently I don't know how to own my own home or use a phone on. He li- manning this campus. So interesting because he's out point now where you know talking to Steve Levy last night, and it was the second or third topic we were talking about where normally, you know, that's the first they had the gate. We're talking about where does he live stand here? But now all eyes are on Odell contract and saquon Barkley has completely ruled all in terms of camp and the way they're using Barkley at practice when we've seen him come from from the backfield. He was out at receiver on Friday. I mean, you talk about a rookie not looking like a rookie. I mean, he, he looks light years ahead a what you would expect, but in terms of you lie, you mean this is he's got a little chip on his shoulder and he's even spoken about that a little bit. He knows what people are saying about him. He knows that everyone's digging up the numbers and saying that he's lost it. But you know, the one thing the giant showed is is competent by giving him all these weapons. They know he can get it done. And we know. The running game that's going to be crucial. Absolutely crucial for him in terms of helping his own production help in this offense move and that line. I mean, the addition of Nate silver will Hernandez. Eventually the these are good gets for them, and it seems to be grooving and camp right now talking to Diane Rossini are ESPN NFL reporter, Diane, I know you're heading back to Cleveland. You broke the story there about the Browns quarterbacks, special RV clubhouse, but some more news coming out of Cleveland, Korey Coleman on the way out of town..

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