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To learn more as for more on noah syndergaard's return to keep in mind he has only thrown less than one hundred innings since the start of last year he missed most of last year with the latte issue and now this season with the finger issue and i asked mickey calloway how important is it for him to take the ball every five days from here on out just to establish a baseline of innings sports future that's very key he we really need him to stay healthy the rest of this year so you know when he stays healthy next year he can push the two hundred inning limit that's one of the concerns we had code into the season was located now if he stays healthy all year what are we going to do when he starts pushing one hundred twenty one hundred thirty one hundred and fifty innings you know how's he gonna feel what do we need to do to control that no the finger issue kind of controlled that for us and now we don't have to worry about that but we really need him to make you know that that start every fifth day the rest of the season to get to an inning total that is going to be something he can build off of i think mets fans to just have something to get excited about every five days or at least two out of every five days now with jacob degrom is of course been doing over the course of the season well we welcome on right now anthony tacoma covers the mets for 'em lb dot com tony how are we doing i'm doing well how are you i'm good got a little round of applause out hey little going the noah syndergaard on the hill that'll bring a little bit of a buzz what kind of limitations might he'd be dealing with tonight as he returns from the finger lakes tissue well just heard there's that sounds like eighty to eighty five pitches but more than that it's the guy who has to this level in a couple of months now and no one expected that when syndergaard i came back and you see it more with hitters who come back and they haven't seen live pitching a they'd be rusty with pictures can be rusty too so i'm not exactly expecting him to go out and go seven scoreless tonight but you want him to kind of reestablish himself on that map and become the guy at least eighty percent of the guy that we all thought he would be coming into this season because you want to go into and there might not be a more important thing for this team going into the offseason at least thinking this is the guy who can give you two hundred plus innings going forward in the future he hasn't really been that guy they need them to be thrown over one hundred and eighty innings in his season for a couple of years ago and then a wildcard start as well so it's not zip he's never built his himself up but if you're gonna look at you know two seasons let's say if something else does pop up even if the injuries are tommy john or shoulder or things that you worry about long term you do have to have a certain baseline to be able to be able to withstand next year and the rigors of a long season well injury prone is injury prone and and i'm not saying no syndergaard is there yet but we've talked about you wanna cesspit us in the problems that he's had with with legs and and does that have to do with all the weightlifting he does wolf noah syndergaard lifts as much as anyone so does that play into his injuries the past couple of seasons obviously last year with the latte you would think more so than this year with the finger but everything's connected to many finger everything's connected it really is so yeah you do have to worrying and you want to see a stretch of one two three seasons in a row where he's totally healthy and a lot of pitchers never have that but the best ones do and the best ones you look at the the max scherzer of the game in the clayton kershaw has and guys to go two hundred plus every single season no matter how good you are if you're not doing that you're never going to be the elite of the.

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