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Was made on Saturdays. Vanderbilt's Sarah Fuller became the first woman ever to play in a power five football game. Here she goes, and here's the kick. It is kicked in. Script down and recovered at the 35 yard line, and there it is college football history. Vanderbilt's Sarah Fuller becomes the first female Play in a Southeastern Conference or a power five conference game. You heard it from Joe Fisher Lear Field. I'm G college. She's Vanderbilt's goalkeeper Fuller. It becomes a pioneer, becoming the first female to play in a power five football game. She came onto the field for the start of the second half. Deliver that squib kick there was grabbed at the Mizzou 35. I was their only attempting the Commodore's loss to Missouri Covert 19 protocols and restrictions left Vandy with very few options, prompting the team to reach out to this. Soccer team for a help fuller on how she defines the history she made on a broader sense, honestly, haven't taken a second to soak it all in. Really. I just think it's incredible. That I am able to do this. And all I want to do is be a good influence to the young girls out there. Because there were times like I struggled in sports, but I am so thankful I stuck with it, and it's given me so many opportunities. And it's I've met so many amazing people through sports and I, you know, I just want to say, like literally, you can do anything. You set your mind to like. That's that's the number one thing. ESPN soccer analyst Julie Found E on SportsCenter Go Go after it run for it, Do it Absolutely, but also understand, Right. There's some risk involved, and I think Sarah knows that I mean, but I think we're hungry in a year. That needs some good news, hungry for some good news, and you think about what Sarah Fuller has done. Already with soccer If you go back to what she did at Vanderbilt with soccer, I mean, they went on this incredible SEC tournament run where the team wins, is the seventh seed. And so she's just continuing this good news and streak of good news preventable, So I think it's tremendous. And as a parent, I would say absolutely, honey.

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