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The air this morning more than a thousand flights canceled airlines issuing flight waivers to travelers affected by the storm. You're listening to ABC news. KOA NewsRadio time seven oh. To some in Capitol Hill say they're concerned about the number of cars that are jumping curbs and running into houses and buildings. Walk. Denver's Jill local Tory says Denver should make some adjustments to streets that the longer the city delays in reading redesigning streets to be safer for everybody. The more people who are going to be hurt. Neighbors in Capitol Hill safe for the fifth time a car has wound up in the yard of a home at thirteenth in Lafayette local story, telling CBS four certain streets, like thirteen should possibly be narrowed to slow traffic. Another suggestion is that one way streets like thirteenth be made to way larimer county deputies arrested three juvenile's after they drove a car straight at a deputy who was on foot. The deputy leaped out of the way, we were very poor Schnitt. The deputy was able to get out of the path of the vehicle. Jared Kramer with larimer county says a second deputy was able to use his car to pen the juvenile's car in the. Deputies had responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle in a remote part of larimer county early Saturday morning, some Colorado Springs families, got an early Christmas present thirteen families of fallen US servicemembers treated to an all expense paid week at Walt Disney World, Colorado Springs, mayor John Suthers were community that we've got.

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