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It's not going to be me. Because I, it probably retread a lot of ground. I'm sure you probably want to break in a different type of focus, you know one thing that they have in common that they have in common for sure is that it's not the cut and dried black conservatism that we have now this. This'll weirder more dumbed down version of that conservatism now where I think neither Clarence Thomas or Thomas so will could be a hero in. It looks like we're in this age of the diamond. Sill. What's what's her name I? Forgot her name. She's always a candidate Owen. On. The, yeah, this kind of like almost are buffoonish or the Kansas Owen kind of reminds me of Tommy Lauren in that. She's not very serious. She's more. Attractive, Face That, it should consider. A weathergirl something someone who's just kind of reading offer something you know both both kind of remind me of that whereas Thomas Seoul was. There's a kind of you. Talk about in your reactionary mine. It actually kind of going back and forth. But let me actually in mind when I teach you talk about how sometimes one things that people underestimate, but the right is the extent to which the right will use talking points or things from the left to get its a point across lake. How I'm I'm drawing a blank on his name, the guy who's always talking about campus conservatives, but but he'll he'll talk about how certain authors are underrepresented in the hand in that cultural studies. ARGUMENT TO OUT GET GET I. Think Irs in there. And yeah, I mean. Sorry go ahead! This GonNa, but it's it's a really important point. and I think oftentimes gets overlooked and I think there's there's two ways to think about this so again for you know the from listeners who don't know this book, the reactionary mind which I wrote almost ten years ago. looks at conservatism from the very beginning, which goes back. It's it arises in in during the during the French Revolution, and from the beginning, a conservative thinkers have always been deeply influenced by the very movement that they're opposing whether it be the French Revolution Abolition the new deal. The women's movement lack freedom struggle whatever it may be. One of the things that's interesting about conservatives is how how much they are imprinted by the very as I say the very movement that they oppose, and sometimes it happens in the way that you just described whether you know borrowing talking points, and it's very cynical, instrumental in strategic, and they're doing it very self consciously and I see throughout the book. How that I think the more interesting thing is, is that oftentimes conservatives are influenced by the left in spite of themselves and ended up mimicking its language, not self-consciously in strategically, but unconsciously and strategically, and that was your example Sega a Phillix Phillips shares. Phyllis Schlafly? Yeah, exactly remember example, yeah, and which you know, there's a there's a series on I. Think it's Hulu a called. Mrs America, which is about this, and it's actually quite good on this in an..

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