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Growth in the second year you would expect to see that in any system but i think jon gruden system and the chance to meet with john on a daily basis and be with them we just have very high expectations and high standards and he's he holds himself to those damage so excited to see the improvement. I know and i think i can say that so i saw you last night and we were talking about doing this interview and i'm like hey you know. Could we do it at ten. Is that can be too early and you're like. I'm meeting coach gruden at eight. What are you talking about. Yeah sure i can do do that and we have to wrap this up because coach coudn't said hey we gotta crunch tape. We gotta go where it some more stuff so i know you guys are absolutely pounding the pavement. I think one of the things that we'll help derek carr. Obviously is having the same receivers out there so talked me a bit a little bit about your past catches because you go into a year thinking okay. We've got amari cooper. You didn't know what you had and jordy nelson last year. Amari leaves midseason. There's some injuries. Just talk to me a little bit about how you see the pass catchers coming into this season well. I think we've got certain and we gotta make some upgrades in that area and we're happy with the players that we have are happy with jordy nelson seth roberts marcel eightman came into the seventh round pick and played and very few seventh round pick wide receivers are actually plays in that rookie year so we have some pieces in place but certainly we'd like to upgrade not only the wide receiver position but the running back position is going to be fluid as well depending on how we what happens with marshawn lynch doug martin was a one year free agent and richard we have been receiving running back and we were happy with his production with can be very productive player here in the second year in the system but overall. We'd like to add some pieces for him. So do you think so is. Is there a chance i think the expectation is that marshawn. Lynch is done playing but of course with marshawn. You never know is there. Is there a chance that marshawn lynch is back in the silver and black. I think there certainly is he's still has something left in the tank. You know it was unfortunate. Injury that he had last year that that otherwise he was he was playing is as probably as well as he had played in the last five years sure we still think that there's a year or two left in his legs and he's he's excited about being part of the program and part of the resurrection direction in oakland and if we want if we feel like he can still still playing he wants to play them. We're certainly welcoming back all right so that's still so that that that would certainly be interesting so it doesn't sound like and obviously this. There's a lotta people and a lot of things go into various decisions but it sounds like not sure chirp doug martin comes back or not you mentioned mentioned rashard yet richardson there as well but sounds like whether it's whether it's through free agency or the draft apps sounds like you'll be adding to that position. That's that's the thought within both positions. We'll take a good hard. Look at the running back and wide receiver wide receiver position tight ends. We were happy with jared. Cook always had a tremendous year force a career year for him. Added cook was nothing short of amazing yeah his best year and so we see oh you know big bigger things for him as well no but he's a free agent is here too but the hope is that he's coming back. Correct jared darren waller's that guy that we added late from baltimore. We signed him up of baltimore's practice squad. He's got a very high ceiling <hes> lease myth spinner blocking tight end so we have some pieces air. It's a strongroom tight end room but it might be priority..

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