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Even as a parent to my daughters is you can't hurry love that. I think that that is like my favorite like that's my anthem of life. Yeah, I love singing that on stage because it is so true, You know, it's just you and I could hear my mom saying things like that, even though she never said that, But I'm acting in here. That's what they're saying. Just cool out. You know, apparently Mary Wilson with us. She was in the Supremes longer than anyone. Guess. And Duke Fakir from the legendary four tops the only surviving member of that great group You mentioned there were four originally what happened? And how did you become three? We would call the primates and at the time Betty, the first girl, as I mentioned was a little older than the three of us. And so she got married, and then we got another young lady Barbara Martin, who stayed with us. In fact, Barber was on our first album, Meet the Supremes. She was a supreme as well. But she fell in love and left the group. So we said, Well, looks like nobody loves us, So we'll just stay three that we got from Fayed was three. But I tell you really messed up our harmonies because we really had good harmony. And when we had three, then we no longer have that really quartet kind of harmony. But that's how we ended up with three. Was there a big rivalry with the Supremes? The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and your other Motown label mates? No. You know why people often ask that But there was a certain kind of there was a competitiveness, but it wasn't out of trans people trying to outdo each other. It was we all were great, but I remember doing some of the tours. The contours would open and they would make that stage so hot, they said. Now top that so whoever would go out next, we'll try to top that. And, you know, keep growing, but we all admired And love being around each other. We were we were like friends. I remember seeing Marvin Gaye at the piano and just sitting there just swooning for them. And first time I saw you do got me. I just fell in love with him Another story, but I mean, we're what it wasn't. It wasn't competitive in in in a negative way. It was like we everyone was great, and we all wanted to be together. The guys all the guy groups would play sports together. It was like Marvin Gaye. With the football and they played golf and they get the girls the girls. We were kind of, you know, dressing and things like that. So we were really friends. It was really a wonderful environment at Motown. It will work. I'd say it's fun to play Motown and then watch Mary Wilson of the Supremes and Duke. Secure the four tops doing the dance moves right here in the WGN studio. Do you guys still remember the first.

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