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We promised to it's not it oh it's professional art Davie to have every single mom the other one it bring it on Morris it's me sweet sweet Peter Rosenberg gone stack. Hi Greg Hope he's having a good time with his mom I plan we'll talk about it when he's back but this man is all over the place I eh the other episode dropped is a thirty five minute interview -combobulate there's the cody Rhodes interview and then right now we'll talk about the week and with what I just gave you this beautiful magnificent maggiore interview cody Rhodes a bit of a push a bit of a renaissance I would argue we're having the biggest moment we've had reporting it I and maybe you're not someone who writes maybe you are someone who writes here's what I needed you to do though I there's some people who are enduring some of the downtimes we had you know when things are a little tougher I was going through some ludicrous the expectations they have okay neither here nor there they have the right there have been times on the show hasn't whole bunch of five stars and reviews and all that because I spent so much time not caring about it to busy you know we're never gonNA have podcast that's getting numbers like everything you know and so you start being like oh we're never gonNA compete with that format it's doing so well it's and this this this is the best wrestling podcast on planet earth you know the random pete times we hear from the shoemakers I it's time I'm going the other way like I said in the intro asked wrestling podcasts in the World Sam Roberts love you dead Conrad Thompson Love you overboard what going for everyone's neck what culture what is that four Oh oh Jericho don't think I want to unseat Jericho who belongs next to me as broadcaster the way I belong next to him as a wrestler instead of living in a place where I'm like oh no we're wrapping up this is does might I don't know if we're ready to enter a new era already but that's how I'm feeling Morris I say a lot of this ingest but I have gotten motivated and enjoyed how how much joy this show brings me truly like comparatively to now like sincere real camaraderie which is ironic because when I was at wwe you know hate from pencil necked packer heads I used to eventually I stopped ever opening social media after pay per views so world series champions the random summer the world series on Saturday pecker head so watch crown jewel the fiend Bray Wyatt is the champion Oh well as we say in the INTRO I don't know what wrestling consumption a week as I've had in some time I I had it on when I was at work so I saw pieces of the fiend means and is that good and things like that so how do I feel about for the fiend have the title all right before auto paper view you'd want to go to a concert a sporting event get the vivid seats AFC keep.

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