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Task Asian students have performed especially well on the S. H. I. C. T. they make up more than sixty percent of students at the specialized high schools though they represent only fifteen percent of the city's student population the Asian community it was completely excluded not inadvertently but intentionally and deliberately at a community forum in queens organized by state senator John Lou many parents and alumni of the elite schools showed their support for the test taking away the task will marginalize opportunities with thousands of students all of mostly low income and mostly immigrant and some worry that the proposal is selling division between the Asian and black and Latino students we need more grace then school so that we're not forced to divvy up the five thousand seats among eighty thousand eighth graders pitting one group against the other supporters of the S. H. S. A. T. proposed other ways to increase diversity such as expanding xcelerated or gifted and talented programs at the K. through eight level in under represented communities I'm here today to share some of our best practices with you I've been conned an alumnus of Bronx science high school one of the highly selective specialized schools is pushing for that approach he's also the CEO of con tutorial a test prep center that offers classes on how to take the specialized high school exam it serves mostly children of Bangladeshi immigrants in queens I think the mayor's plan is deeply flawed and he's not willing to admit inequity that exists in the Cape their weight system across New York City particularly in black brown an Asian neighborhoods some people gonna automatically look at this is a will of course he runs a testing center he's making money off of that flood system so how do you fix it more so than a test prep honor a lifelong New Yorker first animal proud public school product of your city public schools from the late eighties and nineties I've seen the changes that the city has made to the exam the problem is an eighth grade class in the Bronx unfortunately may be far behind a sixth grade class and more provision abre hood in our public school system I think the first step is to fix the pipe line by insuring that their expanded opportunities for accelerated learners from kindergarten first and second grade we met with a group of seventh graders and their parents at con to Torio the students plan to take the test for the specialized high schools this fall we want to get into the schools because we want a better opportunity to learn like sometimes the schools around us like they might not have all the the resources needed for us it like it's you've articles like Francis I want to become a software engineer when I grow up it's not just the education itself it's the caliber of students and the teachers that you're surrounded by what does he need to know that he has to go to the right I guess to take the test better and just to make sure that they can tie manage better by chance look around the says that the city's own free tutoring program has not improved diversity at the specialized high schools I personally went to a fair in the Bronx where we brought the middle school students that would be the top of their class we we did it in Spanish and in English we gave them materials we brought the principles of the specialized schools and the results this year or even worse than last year when you have seventy percent of the one point one million students who are black and Latino those families also won a fair shot they don't want a guaranteed spot in currently the system is not fair for them the integrate NYC students want to see a diversity planned it goes well beyond this specialized high schools and addresses the more than seventy high schools with tests and other requirements there's other schools that have screens are also interviews and auditions and even though it's called school choice often times the school actually chooses you for now nothing about that system has changed New York City students will still need to take the SAT SAT test to get into this specialized high schools propose legislation to eliminate the test has not reached the floor and either the state assembly or Senate for a vote in the meantime the mayor and chancellor have expanded a diversity initiative known as discovery program to about thirteen percent of the specialized high school population the program at mit students from disadvantaged backgrounds attend high poverty schools and scored just below the cut off score on the S. H. S. A. T. they plan to expand the program to twenty percent of seats at each specialized high school by next year for the PBS newshour I'm sorry three of us in New York the US women's.

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