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Liz Warner yesterday was election day that parcel, tax designed to generate millions of dollars for the L A USD measure e was soundly, defeated, it needed a two-thirds majority, which it didn't get losing fifty four percent to forty six percent, the leader and self-proclaimed Apostol of global church has been arrested in Los Angeles, charges, including human trafficking and producing child pornography. A spokesman for Mexico based LA Luz del window or light of the world church says the church rejects all twenty six felony counts against leader Joaquin Garcia, legal system, establishes, a presumption of innocence, that is guaranteed to all persons, along with human trafficking production of child pornography is rape of a minor, the arrest document detailing allegations of three girls and a woman here in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles city council move forward today with a new plan to require that all firearms. Not just handguns be secured at home in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock. The Trump administration wants to open up the nation's wildlife refuges to more hunting and fishing, what's considered a major expansion of rights to hunt and fish. When involves seventy four national wildlife refuges covering more than two thousand square miles. It would also open up fifteen national hatcheries to fishing and hunting for the first time interior secretary, David Bernhardt, says lack of accents is one of the more common reasons people don't do more hunting, and fishing. And he says their goal.

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