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I like to talk about who were running against a billionaire who calls women fat broads an horseface lesbians and no. I'm not talking about Donald Trump. I'm talking about mayor. Bloomberg the mayor says that he has a great record that he's done. These wonderful things will the fact of the matter is he has not met his his city very very well when he was there. He didn't get a whole lot done. We need something different Than Donald. Trump. I don't think you look at Donald Trump and say we need someone richer in the White House. We Jimmy go voice. People who say sick died of billionaires like Mr Bloomberg seeing huge expansions of their wealth while a half a million people sleep out on the street. Tonight I don't think there's any chance of the senator beating president trump and if he goes and is the candidate we will have donald trump for another four years. And we can't stand that we've got to wake up as a party. We could wake up two weeks from today and the only candidates left standing. We'll be Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg. The two most polarizing figures on this stage. Well you can feel the love acts. That was the shop. Thanks from our friends. At the recount. Put together an excellent summary of Quite the debate last night. Yeah I I was GONNA say Lieutenant Murphy that I witnessed brutal beating Last I want to report it You know it was it was. I think to be expected that Mike Bloomberg was going to have a bad night He's coming in with great expectations built by four hundred million dollars of media The you know the the greatest run up to a debut In the history presidential politics and the debut was just a terrible bus and he came in. He'd never great debater to start with coming in cold with a ton of baggage and a bunch of candidates who are hungry and who are game ready and it just was It was a disaster from from start to finish It was in. Its own way magnificent because you know. We both know the psychology of candidates. They've been slugging out for a while. And meanwhile there's this guy buying huge name. Id So he's moving. The polls in the media starts buying hook line and sinker the idea. It's a race now between Bloomberg and Bernie even though Bloomberg hasn't been in the crucial. You know so now. He shows up and it was like a six way tornado of rage. Fear and resentment and you know I I we were both kind of telegraphing this Bloomberg GonNa show up and be really good and grabbed the race or based on past performance and everything he was gonNA show up. It would be like a guy who's been in his backyard with a tennis ball in the hockey stick now skating on the ice against the Boston. Bruins you know. And they were ready and that was gleeful that they just pounded on him and he wasn't ready yes they were checking them against the boards every every chance that that they should have stopped the fight. I mean at one point. He said something about well. I've only been candidate for a short period of time. And that was exactly the point you know he is sort of remember Rosie Ruis Rosie Ruiz Who won the Boston Marathon? Briefly in one thousand nine hundred eighty and then it turned out that she jumped on the tea in Boston and ran. And right right exactly. What for about three quarters of the race and got off and then jump back into the race and finished I yeah I think they think of him as the Rosie Ries of this race. Oh they're deeply resentful but let's talk about the the substance of the attacks because you would think that you know in the prep that they had And they had extensive prep with Bloomberg that he must have expected a bunch of this stuff and yet he seemed you would think almost unprepared For the first and and predictable encounter was over the stop and Frisk Policy New York and I have a particular point to make about his performance on this when we lipid. Let's listen to the suburb repartee around this. Mr Bloomberg had policies in New York City of stop and Frisk which went after African American and Latino people in an outrageous way if I go back and look at my time in office. The one thing that I'm really worried about embarrassed about was how it turned out with. Stop and Frisk apologized. I've asked for forgiveness but the bottom line is that we stop to many people Barack Obama sent moderators to see what was going on when we sent him there to say this practice has to stop. The mayor. Thought it was a terrible idea. We send them there. The mayor argued against that then. He continued the policy when the mayor says that he apologized. Listened very closely to the apology. The language he used is about. Stop and Frisk. It's about how it turned out now. This isn't about how it turned out. This is about what it designed to do to begin with it..

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