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Congratulations to our friend show, favourite. Andrew luck got married, and we're fortunate enough to have Andrew with us now odd that he would make time for us instead of his honeymoon. But I wonder what those valves sounded like, Stu gods youthful ceremony. Cray time. So happy, married, beautiful wife, Nicole and walked. Noor is I said, you know, just happy to be here. Honest to be truthful, and to have, and hold ever never heard. Always protect your blinds. So I. Four downs of live. Keep Trump and keep working keep grinding you're my second best friend, you know, I'm Jack oil these live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. Stan, did you see any of what it is? That was being said by the Knicks GM whose name. I don't know about the ultimate them that Porzingis put on the organization seven days or less Scott Perry. Steve. I think I think Scott Perry Senate. I think Steve mills did the president. But it might have been Scott. I did I read it. Yeah. He said he wouldn't. We would have gone back to Europe. It's not that easy, first of all, we unreach- others contract. So we can't just go back and decide he doesn't wanna play in the NBA. I mean he's contractually obligated, so wouldn't have been that easy, but I don't I'm not saying he didn't say that to them. Hold on a second though. So Europe honors American contracts, like why would Louis and we honor there's too? That's why you read about all the time these guys with buyouts and everything else. I mean if they didn't have right? I mean you'd be in bidding wars all the time. And so, yeah, they definitely honor cut. The reason there is leave on your own the resides the question. What kind of stupid threat is that to make if did they not know that rule? I didn't know the rule. But did they not know it? Well, he might have made the he might have done. What basically Anthony Davis did was? I'm not coming back at the end of my contract. If you don't trade me, I'm going to go back to Europe. So it may have been done in that way. Let's get. It to stand van Gundy's nuggets here in a second. Is there a theme this week there is? But before we get to that, okay? There was a college coach division one who won over three hundred forty games won three national junior college titles before that Ronnie, arrow. Aero on the poll Guillermo in terms of connoting archery and bullseye. Who does it more? Ronnie aero or Chris Archer? I'd probably go Chris Archer, but I got it because he's more famous too, but I'd give Ronnie EROs a strong second place, you could go just Arrowhead stadium. I mean, just everyone in there, but it's not a person if I were to go all in on the athletes, or sports figures names, or I guess if it's Robin quivers, just anybody who connote bow and arrow say, a lot of these emissions are a little too on the nose. Really nuance jokes here that we're making enough about archery because there's a tab, we go tab romo's. But no one knows what we're talking about. Rodney hood, we go. All right, hood. There you go. That's a good one. What is the theme of the nuggets this week feel free to sprinkle men wherever you got him got anywhere? You got him sprinkle them in, even if it's among the nuggets, what do you have for our theme this week? Well the all defensive teams were announced yesterday. So that's my nuggets for today. Very good. Let's do it. Time now for STAN van Gundy's NBA nugget. Computer seems to not be playing sounds hang on one second. What is the? Sony Thursday show the bendy. Target fields again. Not a person. Go. Stand in Gundy..

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