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This is a cool and we're giving out Five that damn michael j. posters signed by michael che as well as not only in the poster. But you'll win a twenty five dollar american express gift card and all you have to do is. I'm going to send out a tweet in a facebook post and all you have to do is re tweet it or share the facebook post. Then screenshot it. Send it to me comments at pop culture leftovers dot com comments pop culture leftovers and then title that dan michael. Chang and i'll pick out the same five winners that i do every week. Next week i discovered joe starts already spending that twenty five dollars and he's just going to buy five more. Vod movies so you enter the contest and other contests. I was thinking random. Thought here. I was think i did watch the. I watched the first two episodes of that. Dan michael j. And i like it. I think i think it's pretty good. It's got it's got potential. Yes just the first episode. And i liked it quite a bit too. Yeah yeah so. Check out the show. That michael j. on hbo max. I think it's six episodes. I think they drop them all but check it out. Hbo max hours. I was thinking about. This is just a random shower. Thought that i had and it's it's that that movie the francis mcdormand movie. That won best picture. No badly nomad land. I was thinking about a a parody. Movie it's a movie where mads mikkelsen gets kicked out of a bunch of different countries and it's called nomad's land about mads mikkelsen. The actor getting kicked out of multiple countries. He's got a very sad face. You'd be perfect for that movie. Yeah that'd be great. A booby wet. Lots of zoom in on him looking very put off an driving around thinking about that chuckled to myself. Thought i'd share. Did i smell an oscar for ads. Oh also i'm in the very early stages. Jake greg of what i'm calling i'm calling. I'm workshop in the name but it's a it's a plight polite album remix now. I'll explain it. I'm the very like. I said i'm in the very early creative stage is but it's a plight album remix and i wanted to play just a sample of what i've put together. So far if you guys would entertain me all right. This is from. This is peter frampton from frampton. Frampton comes alive and this is baby. I love your way. This is from my from my early polite remix.

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