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Today is an emmy and golden globe winning comedian. You know from his work on saturday night. Live palm springs and his one third of the lonely island. He stars in brooklyn nine nine which returns tomorrow night at eight for its final season. Right here in nbc. Please welcome back to the show. We're very good. Friend andy sandberg. Oh actually seth new character. He's hanging a new character. Yeah it's a new character is really good. Can you just read the car. You're about to be handed. And now here with a health. Update please welcome esteemed immunologist dr fao pittsburgh. Hey what an honor to be here. So dr vouch berg. Because it's safe to say you're no relation to dr fao. He's my fifth cousin really. I've never heard of a fifth cousin. Starting your last news. Same yes famous. Wisconsin's would be bruce springsteen and rick springfield or barack obama and steve. What what we could both say what the other person's being crazy said. Sorry to steal the go-to arrow from your quiver. So dr phalsbourg. Berg doctor and cindy vouch for guess. Your first name is and feni is. I'm six cousins with anti sanford. Because i need start to say so. Doctor and thirty phalsbourg. Is it safe to assume you're here to talk to us about the corona virus. No set to talk to you about a new virus. A virus more deadly than anywhere. I've ever seen in a fuel of science or any of the other fields. The other fields really sally wc. Okay what's the new virus. The frisbee virus fandy my cousin additives. This has nothing to do with this. What's what's the frisbee virus. It's a matter of life and death in it's easy to catch. How do you catch it all. You have to take one. Look your ugliest frisbee and you know you have it if you throw up right away Which is why you think you're at risk of seeing frisbee you have to mascot limit show you the proper technique. Okay just like z. Seth ziahe works. This is what you do job. Wise frisbee are you going to keep that mascot for the rest of the interview. No i have not because. I'm not memorize his script. It's hot off the presses out. How did the frisbee virus start. Good setup. Questions thank you. She was either purchased at a wet market which makes sense because she looks like a wet rat ordered. She was created in a lab which also makes sense. Because no god mix such a felt creature share share x. Question of course would be. Did she escape from the lack. I don't think that's likely you don't think that's likely no. I think it's more likely than someone who worked at the lab said. This dog sucks. We should let her out and say she is gamed in the heroine agreed to that plan. Because you know she sucks. Are we done on a super strong maxine for the reservoirs Yeah it's like. Waste your hunger the johnson and johnson do you wanna know vaccines way stronger than johnson and johnson nell. Dwayne the rock. Johnson and johnson did that work with the cruise. Just let me know that plate with the crew. I'm dying to know. I think we can probably wrap this up now. Yeah when they me snl. I wanted to be cloudy. I know that you're allowed to call it now. So i wanted to be clooney. Please give it up for dr and thief ouch berg. We'll be right back with andy sandberg. Welcome back the late night. We're hearing andy sandberg. Hello friend high says you. You're fighting a cold. And that's pretty much how i knew for the first seven years of our friendship was fighting a cold. I felt like since you moved to california. You got less sick all the time but is this just the norm. We went on a family trip and then saw my family and they got everyone sick. Gotcha so like. I had moved asked it as a member of my family but then i guess my family just gets everyone sick. Yeah so that's nice to know that you point fingers at your family as well as my sister's kids got the segment. Hey i want you to know. I mean this is still on the desk since you did it. You did a famous mommy character and we have you on the desk and it's really nice because we also have. We have the character. I'm asked about the most stefan and the one that i've never been asked about once and so you want to get something story in the middle next bro. Yeah right in the middle as popular characters. You wrote me this summer. Basically to thank me for the holiday card that we sent you which is a weird time to get that feedback because of course it was a full six months after you received it. Yeah what happened. Was we put all of our mail in a bag because code and then you burn off. We knew a lot about the virus at that time and that we forgot the mail so yeah about a month ago i read about seventy five holiday. Cards started reaching out to people. But i really liked your holiday card this year. You went out of your way to say frisbee. Didn't make the cut this year. Yeah frisbee not on holiday card because same time canada. Three one two three dot zoo was say because there's another kid to put on there. I a point out. I think we've talked about the show. Two years ago in frisbee wasn't a holiday card. You send it back to us right. Which is the only time in my life. We've received a holiday card back. You didn't even want it in your home. It was sticking up the joint speaking. Do i need to sit back. The algae lab coat. Because i don't want an assignment for this you keep it because i feel like you're probably going to be asked to do it. Like events like corporate events is for sure going on my best of your best your best of late night when did and stop doing beth stops. Yeah i guess maybe when the dvd industry drying up temperature real quick..

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