President Trump, Barack Obama, Northridge discussed on Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson


Been crashed all days people go try to buy these souvenirs i'm really surprised they're not giving them all away but the the reaction here is the media's almost cheerleading that the president failed at this you know if this happened in barack obama walked away from a summit with the north koreans in there was a reaction comparable to what's happened here we would all be accused of being racist lists you know what i know anyone who dared laugh at president obama failing to to go to with northridge would be accused of being racist but because it's it's donald trump it's okay you're allowed to mock him you're allowed to mock his failure to get the north koreans to the table he came close but i gotta say the most objective commentators out there pointed out today this is rather par for the course for north korea north korea has done this repeatedly they've done it with china they've done it with south korea there they've done it with us the north koreans they go through the motions they claim they want this stuff and then they don't show up like for example the american state department sent diplomatic negotiators to singapore a week and a half ago to begin negotiating just the parameters of the summit and the north koreans never showed up they weren't there didn't get the headlines at the time but they didn't show up at the time and air every single expert has noted that this is what north korea does so it's not unexpected that the north koreans would begin sabrerattling they don't know how to deal with the outside world the north koreans are completely isolated they do not work well with others they don't play well with others they they don't negotiate well with others they don't know how to relate to others there are a bunch of insane people at the top of the bunch of starving people at the bottom they just don't work well with others they.

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