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Episodes 74 cryptocurrency and smart contracts with a new went take away patrick everyone we're here with amy the ceo of sage wise in were clavier of what is obviously a much discussed topic of the day with the anything dealing with cryptocurrency seems to make people excited and increasingly more peers and random people we meet tend to one to perk up and involve themselves any conversation involving that mostly because i think they're going to get rich anyways so any why don't you take a second to introduce yourself in a tell us which you what you're doing sure sarah thanks so much for having me on the show guys may name is amy wanna i am founder and ceo of sage wise which is a dispute resolution infrastructure for smart contracts my background is actually i'm an attorney by trading so um you know i survey career off in the federal government during international affairs international regulatory and trades type issues when i moved from dc back to california there were obviously know free trade agreements to negotiate out here in california and so you know kind of had to start my career all over again um was basically general counsel an employee number one of an early stage you'll see crowdfunding started up and then from there i went to become partner at a boutique securities law firm and got two point in my career really where are i just couldn't imagine practising law um the same way for you know the next thirty forty years so i actually left my partnership by law firm and started this company in the original purpose of this company was really to automate my job as an attorney so that's what i did i pushed out software that would oughta the drafting of small in a real estate funds real estate private equity funds crowdfunding syndication funds but um.

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