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What I mean by that is I want to be positive, and I'm gonna live my life on a one day contract. One day contract like I gotta get that contract renewed every single day. That is gold. I love that. I love that match up to Packers Rams. You're in. Donald got her during that game, man, You hear some of the commentary? Troy even was saying during that game that he literally he's like I've gone up against some of the best. I've gone up against some of the best in this game, he said. Aaron Donald literally is the best I've ever seen. Amazing player. So we'll see about that matchup and more cities right? There had great respect for that Rams defense That is a Super Bowl again, not a Super Bowl caliber defense. That's a Super Bowl winning defense. What they're going up against top seed. And the Packers are dialed in and they're loaded and they've got some weapons down like Aaron Rodgers to me is a lock for the M V. P, no matter what, he should win it, but it's not necessarily accurate or fair to say he's got no help around him. He's got some weapons. Now he's got some guys could make some place for sure. He's got an extremely physical tight end in my city's Lewis. Not too late for you to get through. Gonna wrap this thing. Also, I do owe you in a teepee. Rome. I lived on Grand Avenue in 1990. I listened to you since your days on 6 90. I love Yu. San Diego stories Rockies or cast read. Chuck Martin San Diego. That's a great question, right? Totally different places. Totally different places. But when I lived Chuck, When I lived in PB, I would hit both those places depending on what I needed. Remember, I lived across the street from Rockies. So if I want to get cheeseburger, I would go there. If I want to go salad, believe it or not. Go to cast read for sound. Eric Musselman and I went to CASS Street back in the day. Because he must Had San Diego roots. He must play basketball, the University of San Diego so he would come back in the summer time so he must and I had a couple of pops it CASS Street. So the answer is Rocky's or CASS Street. The answer is yes. Jim Mose. Have the police. Ever been to your house for any reason. Question me. Think of the cops ever. Yes. Yes. Alarm goes off. Police have themselves an army and so is bad, too. It's like Ah! We had issues and one of our houses with the alarm. You know whether it was the wind whatever. We just had issues, and they just come on by and it always feel like you had nothing going on just the alarm. Just the alarm. Back. We're gonna be like the ultimate family that cried Wolf one day we're going to need them and they're not coming around. All right. It's like there's an alarm going off. Yeah. Dispatch, Who is it? Rome? Yeah. Uh, yeah, It's nothing. Don't you think maybe better swing on over there? Yeah, we have 30 times already. It's their alarm. Now There's nothing there. Trust me. No, they did not come by when I came out of my own garage and slammed into my wife's car. I did not have to file the police report the official police report in the intersection because the actual intersil in my driveway and it did not involve another person, but it didn't have another car. Which I own. I own both cars. I got into a two car wreck involving one person and dual ownership. Did not call that one in.

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