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Today and before the race Bubba Wallace's car forty three moved down the track bye all the other racers the entire garage on the track supporting Wallace after with NASCAR says was an incredibly sad angry and outraged group of people after I knew this was found in Wallace's scratched all yesterday the cancelled race due to the weather NASCAR investigating and also the F. B. I.'s involved Qatar cow boys quarterback dak Prescott expected a size thirty one million dollar franchise today all the while the jets safety Jamal Adams pushing for a trade of the cowboys Arlington racetrack reach a deal this morning for racing to begin on July twenty third Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays through September twenty six that the home of the bears Jeff Johnny act newsradio one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time to forty eight traffic and weather together on the aids here's clearly we got a big problem Cisco actually got a few of them we're going to start on eighty you have a crash blocking a lane at the display ads river bridge everybody really tied up from Larkin to the scene the other big problem is the amounts of the Kennedy crash in the two left lanes of Naples was forty one minutes coming in from here it's twenty off the Edens happened to back to Montrose but the Gators delays pretty substantial thirty minutes back out to hair up on Eisenhower twenty to demand I was thirty five to three ninety months sluggish York to the tri state this is forty two minutes to get downtown from three nine you're clear if you're coming in from Mannheim not awful on the Stevenson headed out twenty six to the tri state thirty sixty three fifty five images thirty two from veterans the road work on fifty five especially southbound this afternoon folks is barely moving about the road workers there every day it's there every night it's on going through the fall you're down to one lane both ways between River Road and arsenal abandoned mines thirty three about just twenty five an early crash on the up on side of the bush of Ford's gone soon to be thirty five minutes AT and I have a new crash on the inbound side of the bush aboard the left lane at a hundred and fifty nine half an hour ride to get to the right infirmities out the lecture Dr crowded as you run the oak street curve northbound slow as approaches Congo River on doing road work on the river bridge southbound Trice is stalled semi blocked the two right lanes pass.

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