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Program hi nance hey nancy how can we help you oh absolutely question oh and lavar about my father's health because he recently passed away from psoriasis as a lever and i was wondering what is psoriasis the liver and how does it affects the human body and let us ask you this to did he drink a lot in his day yes sir okay go ahead i usually affects the people who drink a lot but now they have something psoriasis is basically deterioration deliver like i was saying earlier all diseases or deterioration of the bodies specific part of the body understandably because the liver does so much work has its own kind of designation the deterioration of liver we refer to psoriasis type of fibrosis and fatness that occurs in the liver today we have something called non alcoholic fatty liver disease have you heard this term and s l d and they had to make not it had to give it a separate name because so many people now are having the same kind of diseases that twenty five thirty years ago you had to be drinking jack daniels out of a brown paper bag to get today hundred million americans are so we're dealing with it so they had to call it give it its own special name call non alcoholic fatty liver disease basically what you're talking about is the liver which performs over five hundred different functions including processing me acids and making a vitamins and storing vitamins and clearing the blood of toxins etc basically deliver starts to break down and that's what sarosa says alcohol can speed it up of course and and that's why typically we all stereotypically think of alcoholics we have when we hear cirrhosis but a blood sugar problems can do it and and one of the one of the hidden causes of liver problems non alcoholic fatty liver diseases prescription drugs people don't realize you take a prescription drug and now you have added work on the liver that's right one of the best things you could do if you're on a prescription drug is support your liver system i'm give you a little tip here george.

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