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Diner, free lunch Friday, from WTO. At 1228, it's traffic and weather on the 8s, Mary de pompa in the traffic center. All right, thanks, Mark. We have a few slowdowns in the district now, three 95 Southwest freeway, south in the third street tunnel, all working toward two 95 and outbound 11th street bridge, two 95, a lot of volume. Everything was paused for a moment for a motorcade. Now, north on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, heavy and slow to get to and past four ten working toward the beltway single right lane was getting by the work zone, outer loop of the beltway slows from 50 through lanham toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway. This was the bailout traffic from the crash that's happening north on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. They are working on 95 in Maryland and heading northbound through Laurel actually now passing two 16. You hit the brakes toward the Howard county rest area. That's a work zone. They do block a right lane, getting your lanes back before you get to 32 as a breakaway point. We will check the beltway in Virginia, both sides of the beltway heavy and slow working toward Georgetown pike actually the outer loop is thinned a lot, but the northbound still slows through Tyson's heading to Georgetown pike exit 43 before and after, exit 44 before and after you've got the work outer loop they block the left plane, inner loop, you'll find the right lane closed. They're working on route 7, both directions, but heading toward Lewis town road. Lewinsville wrote, excuse me, a single lane will get you through. North on the George Washington Parkway between one 23 and the beltway stay right to get by any work scheduled both directions, both sides of 95 slow through Dale City, left lane block with the work zone. Alanis Morissette's jagged little pill is Broadway's Tony and Grammy Award winning musical at D.C.'s National Theater March 14th through the 26th only get tickets now at Broadway at the national dot com Mary de pompadour traffic. To storm team fours, chuck bell. The first two days of March are going to be easy. Temperatures well above average, 52 is average, 60°, at least today under a partly sunny sky, and 68 tomorrow. But there will be a chance for some raindrops

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