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Assure show kids parties enact cute that's pretty much it so excuse me for being bitter when geico says not only could we save you money on car insurance but we do more like twenty four seven access online over the phone or even via or awardwinning mobile app will ooh la la or dame multitalented hurry i sewed organic carrots geico expect great savings and a whole lot more hey good luck and showdown major league record tying moment in baseball last night and when jack for the as the record for most teams played for thirteen franchises jackson says it's always good to be wanted that how you see what oh absolutely i mean he's been all round baseball it guess what it's going to have another team before the scenes out 'cause some playoff contender sole what is contribution of seven innings without a walk last night they're going down the stretch is going to the numbers go to raise here not every player could be the great derrick jeeter will you spend one your entire career with just one team to think about jackson both teams in chicago two teams in california a team in baltimore team in washington dc how is he not quite in new york yet that'll be your what were the yankee why did you vote derrick jeeter dame wanted you invoked the team he hasn't played for them would it page we'll move on major league non record moment baseball last night i regret to say it's by new yorker his first career as back question i guess it was this more breast of or not is impressive but also compared but tanja swings to professional golfer hosts on roy frank you want to do that there's no choy in that swing he looks like charles barkley when he's doing something like that batanes looks like every pitcher you've ever seen before that's a professional golfer that's his swing come with his we like that choi finished fifth in tournament in a major program turnabout bind happy gilmore's beginning and his end that would revolutionize goff's wings i terrible swings a success he finished fifth i want to talk about something especially if you haven't seen it joe james corden judge karaoke carpool at if you didn't see the one with home card that you can go on youtube and join me of others it's twenty one minutes long in liverpool they're sitting in a car singing veto standards they went to polls house when he was growing up they went to penny and i won't give you the reveal the ending but it is fantastic if you haven't seen it and you don't even know who the beetles are you want to watch this they don't carry out you're like how you call the karaoke carpool back all right what he paid we're on our great minded packers since happy birthday woody to say this to say what is i think we should stay there people are you breaking up with me on a roller coaster maybe we should an emotional roller coaster surprising what's not surprising how much you could save by switching to geico geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more

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