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To be reviewing patient records the day prior to them coming to clinic we've trained watson to pull out the key data that we need in order to help match that patient to our clinical trial portfolio mayo clinic oncologist and breast cancer specialist doctor to fire had dod so watson again knows the list of trials knows what inclusion in exclusion criteria are necessary for a patient to be eligible and could potentially participate in a trial physicians can spend less time trying to met patients to clinical trials and instead spend more time talking to them about those options and what might work best for them for mayo clinic radio i'm jules street at the top of the hour coming up in minutes on wlsam 890 and we're back thom bevan with you cofounder and publisher of rupert their politics here on chicago's talk leader eighty nine wls got call cannon on the phone he's our washington bureau chief executive editor he joins us often carl batting cleanup again buddy thanks for thanks for your time after to do it pal you know i love you and i love chicago shown right so call you're that you're are resident media critic and imparts i call you that because you come from such a you know venerable journalistic traditional family your dad lou cannon covered reagan for the washington post you covered the white house for decades and you've been in that town longtime you've seen the media upclose lot of via you good friends a lot of these folks in the media but not afraid to tell told like it is let's talk about the media reaction to this north korean news which you know it it's a big deal i mean whether you whether you think it's a good deal bad deal whatever it's a big deal that uh the the offer was made to sit down that the president accepted it and we'll see if it happens or not but nevertheless um you know my first reaction was carl that uh why to reactions in the in one of is most relevant to this discussion is if barack obama had had gotten this sit down type meeting i i just find it hard to.

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