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The world can connect and it's vets point the first question of a few dozen companies that connected to the Internet. I was okay where connect ingves fifteen thousand universities outwear. How do we prevent all of these students do from getting empowered filed into our networks investment is dead while we got the idea of how to do that and especially for a young wasn't accused but the young person and he's. Shelly said that the Internet can really change the world. We in today's hyper imagined event in the world that you don't be made. You're in a fire away country and if you want to communicate here what's going on in the world. It's process takes weeks bilateral or you're relying on the you know the preview of newspaper. That's information but you got. I won't look for a new product. Can you computer if the local distributor will send me a month later. After the product has come out grew nor did happens. It's not I will wait. You know two months until I get you weigh a UNIX World Magazine magazine to learn about something new invest information but they were then. What's the small piece in the newspaper so for me the Internet the fact that I can communicate with everyone in. I'm vetting formation said that will make a big revolution to the world. Everybody needs the security so that's when I turned into my two co founders only told them you remember my idea from two years ago. I think that's the right time to market and so you started you you mentioned raising money at what point at this point you hadn't raised money yet right at respond. We haven't raised money but we said okay what we're going to do. We need do we keep our day the jobs and develop the product at night and we got the product and Vince start selling we didn't have much experience of course do we raised by Donald Dewey raise money than hi venture capital industry in Israel. Did we didn't really know it wasn't really existed as we had a lot of We did brainstorming. Ben We. We got to sound good conclusion. I we said we need to focus on the new idea. We've all aware energy. The market is moving very fast Internet. That is moving fast. We can develop it tonight and waits until we got the protocol right. We have to run fast to do that. We said we do need some funding it again. Just we just putting perspective we wrap their products on the UNIX. Machine on computers is computers used because ten thousand dollars each each so just to get computers. We needed to get like twenty thousand dollars. which is an amount of money but we didn't have we didn't we didn't think but we need lots of money would just fail to it? We really the basic so they conclusion but we had with we need to find a way to raise money something like one hundred thousand dollars the weekend started flying to the US and market the product yet our computers and do some more basic things like that and and we started looking and then two free months later we raise that to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from from bureau which back then was a software software company they actually developed one of the first anti-viruses of the world a unveil yelm deter some American companies when he's eventually to Symantec but it was after few steps on the way they weren't the VC at the time mm-hmm they became later they got for about half of check point a checkpoint for two hundred thousand dollars just to give people people's sense of what the world was like that then Yup and by the way was their best investment probably one of the best investment ever because a these two hundred fifty thousand dollars a a free years later. We're worth a two hundred and fifty million dollars a year later. It was half a billion in the year two thousand. It was worth about ten billion dollars and to give people a sense. It's you have not lost control the company or at least you still have over fifteen percent of the business today you have the same percent that they had on day one because we actually never raised the money beyond that point we we completed our business plan and turned profitable there after about one hundred thousand dollars wow all right. I WanNa find out how you got your first customers. I I'm going to tell everyone about a company called active campaign. You probably aware of this. This is how the world should work. This is how it works for smart companies. When you come onto my website I can tell what you're looking at. I can tell what videos you're into so for example somebody who might come onto my website if if they're looking at your video and then they're looking to others rally founders. I might know that they're into Israeli entrepreneurs right and so I could just tag them based on what they're doing and then fire off email messages to them saying hey you I happen to have a fourth Israeli entrepreneur and by the way if you sign up to my membership then you're going to get access to these other three Israeli Israeli entrepreneurs who are teaching courses only aimed at people who are a premium members. That's a type of stuff that every website should do most businesses. Don't do a Gill because they're not as smart as you. They don't have to figure out the software involved in marketing automation so active campaign a company. That's been around forever said you know what we're gonNA. Make it super simple. They now make it easy easy. Anyone can do it. Anyone can get the results may guarantee it if you. I don't think you need this but if anyone out there is listening to me and they're looking for email email automation. That's easy to use it..

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