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Lasorda won 1599 career games and was named NL manager of the year twice. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts on Shin and Golic Jr. You know what? He was just a he was essentially, you know, the grew a thread to the old to the to the current. Um, you know, and his love for, uh, baseball, the Dodgers and his love for players really, um transcended. Decades, you know, and generations And I think for me the Dodger way and his passion for life and I'll tell you my key was still so sharp to the end, then I mean the stories that he could tell and the things that he could recount and he was as fiery as ever, and unfortunately, a lot of the stuff was in my office that we could kind of Filtering. It was get out. But I'll tell you, man, it was just great. Just talking baseball with him, Of course, the entire baseball social media universe. With an outpouring of support for Tommy Lasorda. Lots of stories going around and a lot of them circle around how Tommy Lasorda was really crucial in changing the culture of baseball and how integral he was in key parts of baseball history. Here's former MLB player and manager Bobby Valentine on Spain and Fitz. I think they should think of him as the guy who Who changed the culture in baseball. He was the guy that the first guy to embrace players with hugs and and know the wise things and the kids things and make it a family of their rather than treating it like it was the military assignment, which it was Treated as before Tommy grope the barrier. He should be the known as the guy who's the Embassador around the world for baseball, You know, he won a world championship or two with the Dodgers. He also wanted Olympic gold medal for the country that he loved so much, and no one else has ever done that, along with You know, Caribbean World Series championships in minor league championships. I mean, the guy. The guy was out to win the guy who's out to develop and he developed winners everywhere he went. More NFL wildcard Preview and NBA when we return here on SportsCenter all night on ESPN radio. It's wild card weekend in the NFL. Not gonna be easy if they could create turnovers. You.

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