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For the second time. Throws. And now John fossil the special teams coordinator throws a wrinkle. Johnny hacker completes to Sam shields. I. Twelve for Johnny hacker. Yeah. I mean, the guy's already got eleven completions. It's not like, you don't know for a fact that he can't throw. I mean, you got your offensive coordinator your defensive coordinator your special teams coordinator, if you're the special teams coordinator, the New Orleans Saints like are you serious? You couldn't that you didn't think may a second. Oh, they're not going to do it on their own thirty. It's Sean McVeigh. He lives for this stuff. He's an offensive genius, right? Everybody says there's you got half the NFL right now. Who's trying to hire the next Sean McVeigh, you happen to actually be facing the Sean McVeigh. He's not even thirty three years old yet. Was he ten years old? When Tom Brady's career when he won his first Super Bowl some ridiculous. Like that seventeen aren't even knows seventeen. I think what's up bitch. What do you think? Johnny hackers passer rating is in his career one fifty eight point three no damn near perfect Gorno to one them. The all time career record Aaron Rodgers one of three one Johnny Hickman. Damn straight. And keep in mind. He's got a third like a tight end or something. He's not throwing Randall Cobb, and Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams, dude, he completed that pass the Sam shield right the corner, and by the way Sam shields that was a relatively easy completion for Sam shields. Nice and easy catch. So I know the Rams only ended up kicking a field goal. But that absolutely kick-started that game for the Rams and got him believe in and, you know, keep in mind. In this game yesterday. Josh Reynolds had more rushing yards then Todd Gurley. Josh Reynolds had more rushing yards than Alvin Kamara. Okay. Who if you had Josh Reynolds outrushing two of the best highest producing fantasy players in the NFL. You won your bet. And you want a big time Josh Reynolds because he ran an end around for sixteen yards. C J Anderson who has been, you know, one of the bigger stories doesn't look like he's in the peak physical condition, shall we say he thought he was done for the year and steady, you know, the NFC championship. I thought going into the weekend. It might be writing on C J Anderson, but he only averaged two point eight carry as a team the Rams rushed twenty six times for seventy seven yards. The saints not much better. Twenty-one one carries forty eight yards. And see that speaks to why the Rams are also able to get back into this game because the saints couldn't seal the deal in the red zone. And when they did have the lead. It was never a threat that they were going to be able to run. Effectively. So the Rams are all day long could just pin their ears back drop guys into coverage run that that too deep safety run a lot of zone and in really double team. Michael Thomas at will. Because they didn't blitz a whole hell of a lot yesterday. They just dropped guys back into coverage. Ultimately got the pressure to breeze, and they had the luxury of not really having to fear the run. I mean, the saints ran the ball excuse me. They pass the ball to times as much as they ran it. So that another was another issue right there. Why the saints ended up coughing up this game? I mentioned Todd Gurley for carries for just ten yards into just for some reason Todd Gurley just hasn't been himself. And I know he got injured in the second half of the year they tried to arrest him. Now, he's got two weeks off for the Super Bowl if they hope to beat the patriots on Super Bowl Sunday Todd Gurley is going to need to play a role and figured okay? So he's not running the ball. Oh, he's getting catches out of the backfield Alvin Kamara eleven catches ninety six yards. Drew Brees used them all day. Todd Gurley one catch three yards. Austin Carr had more receiving yards for the saints. Then Todd Gurley did for the Rams L. C J Anderson. Sam shields had more receiving yards. Todd Gurley did yesterday. And then this was kind of a cool thing actually forgotten about this because Brandin cooks I feel like play for like nineteen cents. But remember the saints actually drafted cooks and then traded him away. So this was saints cooks return to the by you and all that he actually had seven catches for one hundred seven yards are hundred five yards. Yeah. Seven four zero seven and then he catches with the game at twenty two ten. They get the swing. Pastor Brandin cooks for twenty five yards and that keeps them going. And this was this was the one time that they didn't run that eleven personnel. Which is the one back in one tight end. They had Gerald Everett. Antilock he'd be out there. They had the double tights. And then they ran that swing past Brandin cooks. It was a nice throw by Gough high percentage. Throw for him. You know in cooks. I mean, hey, if you're going to have a guy. Why run a little swing pass? Like that cooks is going to be the guy that you think could get that separation. If you're not gonna throw it to Todd early. I mean, you know, the other guy that's pretty good on those swing passes. You know, the guy that was like the MVP that guy. Did he win the NFL? No. He didn't win the NFL MPP. Oh, that's right. He was Adam Copeland. Nice fantasy football focus MVP last year. That's what it was either way. I knew it was a very prestigious award. Okay. All right. And then this was one play where Sean McVay I thought kind of didn't look very Sean McVay esque they get down to the goal line. Now, I get it. You're down three. You got a fourth and one fourth and goal from the one on the saints one yard line your down three. I could totally understand kicking the field goal there. Like, you can't come away empty-handed. But the other side of it is you're the same coach that like, you know, through a fake punt in the same coach who's got this dominant offense and you've got hot girly. But you say, you know, what? Let's not go to for a four point lead. Let's kick the field goal. Let's tie game. I don't know. I thought that was interesting to me how.

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