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Best sports talk in Colorado Xtra sports thirteen hundred Was that Allegedly that's the Rockies. Players weekend. Oh no we're not doing the nicknames on the back of the, jerseys again are we. Totally are let's take a stroll down memory lane a. Little bit I don't know where when, it is but Google search yeah I wanna find the. Find the name so we can relive, this Terribleness Rockies player weekend. Jerseys Twenty fifth through the twenty seventh Players weekend of course Okay, can we oh no I clicked on the Denver post and it's made me by a subscription if I want. To click on. Something, hang on, careful yeah Hey do you want to see what movies are playing. Tough spend eighty. Dollars Defiant Denver post all right so remember these? Were the last year Nado or. NATO not, oh, probably, probably, not oh. Because aren't. Auto but whatever Chuck nasty good sheriff Okay Greg Holland went with. Holland Greg holiday having nickname Argo a couple of those guys that didn't have. Nicknames. Free, for free? Freeling, Joe oh. Who's Joe oh Trevor story he did, that because of his. Uncle which is our, grandfather I think it was, which is kind of neat but makes. No sense for ever Alexi armories dad ninja now that was a. Good nickname auto Pattni shack we asked, Pat knee? Shake about this didn't we when he was on the Pattni shack was on the show last year and I asked, him about the players we I remember now I asked him about it and he said he came. To the team too. Late, they. Had already asked oh yeah So we won't blame him there yeah DJ. For LeMay who had. Had, Valenica Mike Dunn had done her Chad bettas had Betty Jeff Hoffman had. Hof chat would had chatty Whilst we got Jacob MaGee had Jake Antonio since the Tele had sensor Both he and her mom, Marquez's, jersey just look like they they they got tired of printing their name Antonio since the Tele had, Cindy, and marquess, had Mark Mark Mark Kate Marky Mark m. a. r. e. and they just forgot to put this on the end and then Rickie f That's such a stupid Idea by major league baseball, who got into this like who's dying to have their nickname on the. Back of their jersey Scott Oberg was OBI Mark Reynolds was sheriff in Desmond was Theron His stepfather like that's. Fine Tyler Anderson was Ricky f Oh he did tolerance rescinded Ricky, asked because he got caught. Picked off by Wilson contrary And they said he. Was like Ricky who's Ricky fail instead Ricky Henderson Ricky f It's exhausting trying, to explain these things these things are so stupid Anthony results was last year Tony Only Seriously what does he ever been referred to as? Tony can't you just like put out the Chuck nasty jersey without him actually. Wearing you know what I? Mean like can't you just say Chuck. Nasty that's a cool. Name let's just go sell a bunch of Chuck nasty jerseys. Online? Right he doesn't have to wear. Them you don't have to have a whole. Weekend these baseball, players all of their names are just Mine would be Coffee In your last? Name any short and put a y. on the end Like I swear that was the that was the nickname of my. Cousin I remember this and some people called me that non very, many and then my mom named our dog that And then that's where the nickname died But. It's like baseball nicknames are the worst Like, bay, historical baseball, nicknames awesome Charlie hustle. Splendid splinter the babe And then, today. It's, just like They're lame so. Lame. In the hat is terrible yeah the. Yankees had doesn't look any different Sure sure about that Don't look that different still kind of the It's gray I know but I'm just saying like, it's not way, different like the dodgers. Way different raise way different Rockies way different Not different not different Changed, the color right there the glove. With, the bolan it yeah reds are, going with, Mr. Ed But they call him, Mr. read Mr. Ed and then. The, Padres are going the old school Padre stuff old school White Sox I mean By the way has anybody are do we know what the? Sky SOX, will be, called next. Year yet No they said it's going to be October They said a few weeks because they want to get all the things. That they were already working on those things I thought it was by the end. Of, the season where they were going to No I think they said October or something Oh So you did the. Interview why weren't you paying? Attention I. Swear he say Chris said that it was going to be. Soon No they did have it soon Yeah. That's, what I. Mean. Oh yeah yeah. Not, revealed right picked thing it Duped, voting. In, a couple days ago right. Now Yeah Whenever we will get to find out if they actually went by the. Vote? Right I'll be dead by. Then Two eight six zero zero four six we'll take, a break come back at your last minute techs and before the.

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