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A unique a bit and a certainly a or a media would in his year uh and he told me that uh games 1300 your 1800 heat with the estimate he remembers and it's all negative for that read than just a criticism is receiving but it wasn't coming from a gary you know the e gerry sword of well you know people he he didn't he didn't experience a lot of that uh as a matter of fact uh i'm in joe dimaggio uh within the ballpark the night that he he have gehrig's record the orioles called dimaggio his teammate for three and a half years and of course famously sort of the private guy specially later in his lie and didn't do much uh make rare public appearances after a while the auriol's call them at that look you wanna comment represent garagan dimaggio jumped all over at absolutely i want to be there he not only would there be gave a speech uh and he gave a very eloquent speech and uh that that you know garrick uh i think that i think it was uh i think dimaggio since that uh garrick would have approved of a guy like rick again uh anyone was going to break this record a guy like rip and he would respect it and so it just sort of tamped down that whole thing of whether or not we're we're dealing with uh you know darkening or not darkening but where you you know i've got a legends record is being passed i bet that just never really roasted any sort of course lie was there's so much negatively on.

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