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Park years zero april why did you choose i love this movie it doesn't work at all somehow still works there's a running joke about ninjas isn't funny but then presently doesn't get we'll get slightly funnier there's everything is wrong with this teri hatcher injured ice clay in a romance and i'm gonna say ocular opinion i think andrew dice clay's a really great actor jesmyn i agree with that he successfully played the part of a stand up comedian people enjoyed for more years than i would have expected him to any played it really great brain smasher yeah he was all the brains measures in cinema history so damn probably like if they haven't seen the movie they're like what could this movie about if it's called brains are alum it's kind of questions that albert pune one of them to ask you say he made the movie you say if they haven't seen this movie i think there's a pretty good bet direct to video release not have the actual release imdb and i'm a says it moving not list i don't i don't even think dvd release i not in america i think it was either wikipedia or that one of the trivial things was it headed the actual release brazil yeah like i one place i think where it was shown in theater i do believe it was on hbo a lot when we were young yes i think i remember that being the case i feel like i remember hearing ads on comedy central for it that's possible could have been on comedy central high larry the funniest movie i mean central planning funniest movie stewart ninja we're on constant rotation a little film called cannibal women avacado general oh you mean comedy central filler the movie okay guys let's talk about happens in brain smasher love story okay sure okay yeah the movie over the first youtube opens click yes i wanna pay for this movie this is not a mistake youtube has a number of dialog boxes that come up like really rains are you should not a cat walking gonna make you put in three different credit cards to prove that you're an adult human credit card in three times oh really we're trying very easily and then candy man showed up with all these all this stuff he had bought using your cars wow that's horrifying it's mainly beekeeping equipment this is american express we've seen a lot of charges for beekeeping equipment and sharp objects and candy on your card and you don't usually by that is that and then okay never mind you haven't april you haven't bought any beekeeping with this month is everything so guys the movie starts not even in media res it started with energize play on a payphone and he's liking calling somebody's like you gotta hear the story what happened to me last night but nobody's talking to on the phone wants to hear it so he talks he turns to the cameras hey i'll tell you my story sort of the stranger openings of a movie not a framing spoiler alert not a framing device that comes back at the end of the know at the end not the credits and you're like wait so he is he just telling me the credits there's an post credit sequence where he's like walking up to the payphone and you're like here we go again i mean the would be great if you've seen who's talking to and it's like a small child or like a baby carriage so what do you think crazy story right he announced he he the stuart wellington school of character development he just says to the camera hi i'm ed malloy they call me the brain smasher elliot i was schooled by watching a lot of saturday night live impression they just announced they were at the beginning but before we get to ed malloy story i he's going to tell us about a supermodel samantha played by teri hatcher and there's a she is doing a swimsuit shoot and everyone is prize that she can read when she takes her book to read the makeup inner pursues reload and clark terry hatcher this is pretty early rocket into outer space late what happened was stars hot off tango and cash where she played drums at some kind of strange nightclub while wearing pants as stripper and she is not yet in thought she was a live drumming performer who rides a motorcycle onstage i mean that's enough of an act you're right stripping which is applegate due that's too much she's just a.

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