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You know, I'm on me. Me. I'm ready to here. Pretty sure for some reason. I was dreading the last five minutes what you said, I can't walk. I'll tell you the same. I'll tell you that much. I was like oh boy wonder if that means even though the next better, even though you're not paralyzed like you were at the time of the accident or told you are now we're gonna walk again. Did that mean that you you weren't going to be able to compete against them? That's great news, Dan. You mean, here's the thing in reality. There's changes to my body. You know, what I mean, it wasn't something that was a light Tappin of you'll be good in six months. You know, my body went through some shit. So they are you know, difference in my body's, but it isn't stopping me from, you know, fighting it's not stopping me from getting down getting hit getting punched gin slam getting up. You know, what I mean so much Dr is there my body can hold up to it. So I'm going to continue. You know what I mean? So that's all it was for me, if my body couldn't continue our hold up than it's no reason for me to try to continue to. But even with you know, what everything going on a can note up. So I will continue you've already had hard training sessions that resemble a fight or you have the lifespan. A Doma head since then too. So all really it wasn't who did that. Give that person to look dog. Man. It wasn't a I don't think it was his fault. Just you know, we sometimes you get in screaming with the undertaker tombstone. A little bit like that. But yeah, we just in scramble, and that's another part of it have been able to be in scrambles. And you know, move way I have to be able to still do that, you know, and all that all those key. So I've passed all those tests, mentally physically medically. You know what I mean? Range of motion. Still have. Again, like, you know, the neck that I had before you has to, you know, issues to go to car Proctor and all that get adjusted stuff like that. But yeah, I'm good. You know, still working? I'm still strengthening still. Rehabbing. But like I said before I'm able to move forward. Now, I don't want you to go up to that doctor and give them the finger or cursing out. But I would like you to stop by his office and say. Was it a young guy or an older guy? It's Otago tonight. Listen, fellow you may be on your way to check in on retiring, you tell people all these years. I think you jumped the gun here a little early. I was gonna say it was the young guy. You could say learn learn a lesson for the future say, I'm not here to confront you or anything, but you can't give up on the human spirit. You know what I mean? Look at me, I can walk and I'm going to be competing or I've already competed depending on when you see him. But I don't think you're too old to ever learn a lesson, you know. This is you know, it's been a huge lesson from me. So you know and at his game. I'm now having to learn on news from fighting. So you know, it is never too late to learn and the doctor I'm spoke to anybody about it. I haven't really, you know, once I said, I was gonna get better. And I was gonna move forward. A lot of people said, you know, it's not gonna happen after that. I never really gave to fucks about it since then I've just put my head down to work. You know, what I mean like so? I just you know, I guess it. I've had ups and downs. But from the time that accidents happened. I've just put my head down work times. I didn't feel like I get here. But. Details on new here. Just not just went for it. You know what? I mean. It's crazy mass this Daniel Strauss, the bell tower former belt or heavy featherweight champion two time featherweight champion. He's our guest user guest co host, and we're gonna take a break..

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