FOX, Donald Trump, Seventy Fifth discussed on The Steve Deace Show


He will convince me this is seventy fifth level chess dimensional chess, and that everything I saw even though I saw maybe even on FOX and friends, even they rush will tell you. I can't believe even FOX and friends can't figure out what Trump's doing here by saying, you know, are worse our best allies, terrible country. The can't figure out that's masterful stroke to negotiate better trade deal. Right. And so and then you walk out of there. Okay. Just a little pinprick and we don't go, but she may feel a little sick. Can you stand up? I do believe it's working. Good. That'll keep you going for the show come on. It's time to go, oh, yes. Come to play non baby. Give that dream. We're always picked him. Never do anything wrong. It's always somebody else's. Data's. Don't hold it against him. It's where the vast majority of the American people are on both sides. All. For the most part. Sitting around in a circle smell in their own farts and convinced are flatulence. I know in general flatulence as bad, but this stuff smells like fricken rosewater. This is good as pumpkin spice. That's what this is..

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