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Footage and said to Spielberg I think I'm extinct Spielberg love that line and threw it in the movie where out of a job. Don't you mean extinct, but Phil Tippett was far from extinct. He created an antibiotic for the T Rex raptor scenes and stillbirth credited him in the film as dinosaur. Supervisor sound designer Gary rostrum created many of the dinosaur. Sounds by mixing different animal noises. The T Rex roar was from walrus a baby elephant tiger and analogous. His massive footsteps were cut tree trunks crashing to the ground. The raptors were dolphins walruses keys and African cranes meeting. Call and tortoises meeting. That's it for this episode of you think, you know movies. Make sure to subscribe like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and get the latest movie and TV news on screencrush dot com. Nine oh four now. New Jersey one on one point five fast, traffic, pretty nice and quiet on the turnpike. And on the Parkway to eighty seven also all in good shape. And this tends to be a pretty light construction week. So we are probably going to see some lane closures at some point. But right now things are moving along pretty nice. They just met everywhere across the Hudson. GW Lincoln, Holland, leaving New Jersey, everything in good shape in and out of Staten Island crossing the Delaware. Not seeing any delays traffic every fifteen minutes next report at nine eighteen image Tarez on New Jersey. One a one point five New Jersey one zero one point five news time nine zero five. Nine. New Jersey one.

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