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Two strikes the why the pitch. Called strike three this once over and what's again Oregon State owns Omaha enable our Kevin Able tweets the way with a title game. Five. Nothing Beavers, Oregon State. Two Thousand Eighteen baseball national champions this is Dorf on sports. that. Was for Mike, Wilson giving him some love. Stephen Jackson from the Oregon State beavers being a potentially in all fame. So good good good stuff there for Mike Wilson welcome back everybody. It is the door font sports weekend edition hanging out with me as always is Mike Wilson tag team partner crime. We're GONNA hook up with Bret Boone former major league baseball player second basement during his career three time all star four time gold glove winner and a two time. Silver Slugger Award winner Brett Good morning my friend, how are you buddy or morning guys having? Another Damn Paradise for us here in Arizona it's starting to cool down a little bit. Before we get into baseball and we talk about those New York Yankees and your brother Aaron Boone, how he's got the guys back and now they're winning ten straight games. We gotta ask you man we've never done this before football who's your team and who do you follow? Shoot. All nobody. I. I. If I get bet on the game I watch I'm interested in how how Brady and Gronkowski, how how that lands this year. Those are the the the I follow Kinda headline stories like I. I'm fascinated that drew brees and brady at their age or continue to play at that level. so that that kind of intrigues me. I, always keep my eye on the on the seahawks But I'm I'm a kind of a fair weather football. I. Watch a little bit here and there like I said, if I'M GONNA pool or or I got a bet on a game I watch. But I'm more interested in the story lines them when it gets to. The playoffs you know I pay a little more attention but I'm pretty fair weather fan. All right. So you brought up a couple of things that I think are interesting. So Seattle I'M GONNA guess you're a fan of them because your days with the mariners right and it becomes kind of contagious that when you're playing for. A certain team that you you kind of follow suit and you like all the other teams that are playing in that town is that is that Kinda right? Yes or no? Yeah I mean I'm such a simpleton. Other sports. You know I I you know we've covered it here before I I'm I'm probably in my element the most watching. The US Open I love watching golf. You know I'm probably in the minority of that being my my top in the baseball would be second but but I really love watching watching golf the football like I said I'm a simpleton because. I have simple reasons Seattle. Obviously I you know I the bulk of my time was there. So the seahawks were there asked to you know their head coaches, the X. Trojan. So it's got ties all over. It's like you. You, know, I went to see I'm not a homer. Oh live and die USC football but I pay attention and when they're doing good, you know put the fight on up there. So I'm a real fairweather Kinda. Kinda what have you done for me lately but those are that's as simple as as my allegiance to to Xerox's know my time was in Seattle. City so I follow them and couple that with the fact that they're they head coaches the Trojan head coach Kinda in an sec heyday in the early two thousand. So It's it's nothing more than that for me. All right. So you brought something else that I found intriguing when he talked about brees and Brady playing late in their career and we're seeing it more and more these days. When you think about that guys are able to play. Later you know whether it's tennis with Federer Nidal, and joke of these guys in their thirties now and I know that that doesn't sound old but when it comes to tennis, that's old there. So when we're talking football being forty or forty plus is ancient. So what do you think is the key to a guy like Tom Brady success or a Jew breezes success so late in their career being forty plus. I think it's just human development I think it's as we as we go on as a society I mean you start to study things you get data, how to take care of yourself better. I think with the finances in sports at every you know the top level of every sports going through the roof and now. You know coming up and you pursuing your career and what you WANNA do. You look at numbers at the top and it's going. Wow. I would be crazy not to prepare myself as well as I possibly can to be the best player I could be and I think that's the way people look at it. Now back in the day, it was more partying and you know you saw guys on on the golf course in the in the dugout smoking cigarettes like nobody. Nowadays though you guys are prepared, they've they prepare year round they have trainers nutritionists. To let them they they know the financial reward and it's the longer you can play the longer. You can get a piece of that Pie and I think it's just more of a of a calculated Strategy on how can I make this? We have a window as athletes. You know we have a certain amount of time. But I think people are starting to take it real serious and no. I'm GonNa take care of myself. My body prepare to be the best way to get as much of this as I can for as long as I can I think it's for the better I think you're GONNA as a result I think you're GonNa see the Athletes Continue to just get more physical in more physical and and just be a better product. Think it's a I. Think it's definitely changing sports for the better. We can get into the analytics and all that on how crazy we get and kind of go overboard and certain facets. But I think as a whole I think at the end product is going to be a higher level product and I think that's good for for all sports. That is the voice of Boone and speaking of an products. That's pretty good segue that you just helped me with New York Yankees winners of ten straight games right now right on the heels of the Tampa. Bay Rays three and a half back of. As we speak at this moment in time look I, know that health has a lot to do with this but. These guys are now starting to come together at the right time, and I think when we when we talked about this earlier, it was like, wow, they've got out of the gate so well and If they can avoid injury they're to be great and this and that and the other and they went through. That's that that spell where they were injured. Now, they're back to being healthy and Bam ten straight wins for these guys three and a half games back. I think we have a hell the race coming down to the finish here, Brett? Yeah I think so I mean anytime you just you know they they were creeping towards five hundred in and actually ten days ago where you know they were threatening a playoff spot and all of a sudden they rattled ten in a row off I mean that's that's kind of what that team can do. You know we've we've exhausted the word bludgeon or maybe I have. That Yankee team obviously is just so capable I. Mean I think they went three games at row they hit six home runs to be honest with the I haven't been watching them that much. But that team is definitely capable of doing what they do right now I I think the whole is is at starting rotation. You know and I still think it's a problem I. Think you know I'm hearing that Paxon might not be back this year Tanaka love one of my favorite pitchers just with technicality pitches with and obviously at the top of the rotation with with coal we know you know he's one of the best in the world I..

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