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With eighty six as well so and the most at bats is is is e bailey's from atlanta braves and then the last thing is the most intentional people that have intentionally walked batters the number one is manny machado with eleven walks is year so you can go over the pitching you can start with the er a already justin verlander with the astros a one point four five era that stunning that's incredible degrom with the mets one point five five right behind him corey kluber with the indians one point nine nine max scherzer with the nationals two point zero zero okay so now we are going to jump into wins and number one is corey kluber ten wins tied with max scherzer of the nationals he got his against us yup yup severino with the he has nine carrasco with the indians has eight tied with garrett cole with the astros happy with the blue jays mccullers with astros nola with the phillies portillo report solo with the red sox rodriguez with the red sox snell with the raise justin verlander with the astros on all tied with eight wins and mike walker right so i most strikeouts this year is now surprisingly max scherzer with one forty two cole with the astros won thirty chris sale and third place with strikeouts chris sale the red sox who just pitched against the orioles one hundred twenty nine would like a hundred and twenty nine came against us no it seems like it sometimes but no one hundred twenty nine for the season bauer for the indian design hundred twenty one to graham with the mets is tied with justin verlander the astros with for fifth place with one hundred and thirteen ks on the season okay and for sage who do we have saved deals with the mariners the surprising seattle mariners has twenty five saves already hand with the padres and kimbrel with the red sox both have twenty one davis with the rockies has twenty and mr chapman with the yankees as eighteen he's one of the guys you named is brad hand from the san diego padres if you look at that brad hand has twenty one saves on the year that means that twenty one of the.

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