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Do you care is it or does it suit you better for your personality? Joseph just fine. It's great to have all those guys in the locker room. Honestly, you know, you get to see such talented guys come in and play the game. It's such a way that inspires you to up your game. Always. And it keeps you accountable as far as a man, I'm just going to go out there and do my job and play to an exceptionally high level. And that's what these guys bring to the table with a righty together type of game that they play and it just elevates game around the for everybody around him. Well, pro football players one thing that I've picked up on over the last decade as they pro football players in pro football teams love day impose a chip on their shoulder is the chip that the Houston Texans apply to their collective shoulder. No one talks about us enough. We have an electric quarterback. We have perhaps the most talented wide receiver in the game and beyond that and our defenses as rugged as it comes in yet. We don't get enough buzz is that what you guys are using as you head towards January this year. Oh question. You know thing is. Like, it is what it is. We don't, you know, we're not going to get you know, the, publicity or anything like that even though we've gone out. And we've proven that we try to prove ourselves prove ourselves sometime after again, but you know, at the end of the day is what have you done for me lately? As far as that goes into sleek and everybody says, oh, we're gonna fall short. And all that. Well thing is of course, we got that chip on shoulder, and we're just going to go out there. And we're going to do exactly what we need to do is go get these wins. I make sure make sure we come out. And everybody's talking about us at the end of the day. I know that you have to say the right thing, and you have to hedge a little bit, but deep down are you guys do when you talk to JJ or Davey and or Honey badger anybody else in that locker room. Do you guys say we re one big difference for us this year would be to not have to play wildcard weekend. It would be really nice to be one of those two teams with the buys that somebody because you have a big trip coming up all of a sudden Philadelphia then looked a couple of weeks ago like the Texans should be able to handle that one all of a sudden. Eagles feel like they're playing for something. They feel galvanized by foles is is getting that by important to you guys. We can definitely make some of this happened very special around here. That's that hasn't been done, you know, around here ever, but we just got to focus on this week it which is against philli and make sure we get this w and it comes down to these type of games November and December football, which is very important within this league. And if you don't take care of that. I mean, you're not going to be able to get you know, that someone Pertz in postseason or you may not even make the postseason all. What let's talk about your from Akron, Ohio, you keep in your eyes on LeBron and company or you or have you morphed into now Houston Rockets fan or where do you sit in pro hoops? I'm not much of I don't follow basketball like that. But I only LeBron a little bit just because he from the same hometown. And all that. So. See him his growth all that what he's done for Cleveland and brought championship and all that. And then moved on to LA that the that was pretty dope. And then also I do a follow the rockets a little bit had it had it had the greatest season go starting out. So yeah, they'll definitely be able to turn things around. You know, get things corrected is just the way how the game goes. Listen pro football dominates most anywhere. But you know, like, I say guys like to have a chip on their shoulder their competitive. Pro athletes, how much did it matter to you guys that the Astros to see how the city responded to the Astros getting over the hump and did it make you hungrier than you already work. Oh, would definitely made us hungry..

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