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Two teams when they play kind of, you know, like I think about those Michigan State games when you saw Charles Matthews and Nick Bohr, you know those guys getting in each other's faces and nothing dirty. Nothing crossing the line, but just intense physical basketball. So that's what I'm there's gonna be a lot of players back from from both these teams from last season, so yeah, I'm hoping I know they've got a few more trippers and things like that. But I'm hoping we get their defense of player of the year victim. Defensive player of the year he transferred. Yeah, he'll Maryland 734. I'm sorry, Dennis. Go ahead before I never seen a coach of my life, You know, go out. Do what? You want Our fire that and I don't think you'll ever see it again from Juwan Howard. But I stay that and the year before he was running out of the court, But you can stay and I thought he was gonna attack. The referee Didn't that was No, he did that It was strategic. I don't think it was a strategic against Maryland unless they actually through one of those banner things, Adam, and then you know, that's what it seemed to me that it seemed to me. That's you're like Wow, What kind of torsion said to ignite Juwan Howard? You know, after a blitz of banners here, then matter just have to stay in your box. Or, you know, I don't like that. That's the thing that fits. So that's the thing that fits into me. I think he didn't say that. You know what? So I hope the maze rage get some some banners, full banners going to put two Shin's name on everything else. But that big 10 banner when Illinois comes in having I think plea. Illinois is there for the opening, and that's when the banner goes up. I would just get us a way to thank you. Why don't we just save the banner? Raising ceremony for that Maryland game So we can just say, Hey, we know one banner that's not coming down in its room. Right there, my friend or Maryland, either one. I like both of them. I mean, come come with 100 Bandit Just have 100 grand for the Maryland The Terps they go 734 1918 50. Let's go Toe five oclock did Mike what up, Mike? How you doing? Hey, I'm going on a Caribbean cruise. Thank some young boys, So I'm gonna take Philly. Hadley and JJ's out. Never to, Uh what? My boat. What do you think, man? That is a squad right there. Good luck. Go look with you. Because that you know they go. Come break back at you Freaking picking girls? Well, In their face. They're gonna like it, man. Because the shrimp in butter and a good thing, right? This is everything. I think you know. Five o'clock I like I like you know what? Know what? I like, five o'clock and it's right. Up your alley when it comes to shrimp. What's that? What's that? Like downtown Indianapolis ST Elmo's has got the shrimp cocktail sauce that is made with like 5000 strong horse radish like you eat that I ate some last week. It was so strong. I had to hold my nose and I thought I was gonna pass out. But it's so good. My dentist ST Elmo's is, you know, one of the strong points and downtown Indianapolis. Yeah, I've been there and done that. And A thanks for bringing that up, man. But you know, we didn't have was not our boys from Michigan. You know? Why didn't we let him go? Who we talking about, Mike. What do you pay? Right? Oh, pretty quickly quickly got to go. It was time he got drafted Mike. Trust me. Come on with these When your first round draft pick that time to wave Bye bye to your one of your favorite sons over here. We should have kept him at home, man. I think it is well off. Yeah. Were selfishly we always want to keep all these great college athletes. But inevitably, no matter what we know that their time ends here in Ann Arbor in its University of Michigan, so you hope that they can all ended as successfully as quickly pay and that you're able to move on and be able to play your sport at the professional level. So It's tough to say goodbye to not only quitting toe all of these student athletes, but inevitably, you've got to at some point. And like I said, Man, you can only hope to go out as well. Is that yeah, to your 0.0.5 o'clock. You know, Jamie thinks that in the end, and he's gonna be trashed this year, so you know, maybe the Lyons says we're gonna be trashed. I didn't say they were gonna be trashed. I just said Carson wins. It's not a good quarterback. Now you could. You could supplement that with a good running game and a good defense. Let's say, eight nights where they're trying to do 89. Finding him 19 898. It sounds weird. I'll tell you. I just I feel like I ever twilight. So, Yeah, I hate I've got a question for Matt man. Let's hear it. All right. There's uh you know, we lost. Just leave our land or do we have anybody that's going to come up? And even if all that in any time soon It's It's tough. It's tough to equal. One of, you know, one of the greats and Justin Verlander, but we've got a few guys again. Casey, Miles is the first guy that comes to mind. He was the number one overall picture. We saw him pitch a great game with the last night last night. Yep, so I am pitched a great game here last night, So he's the guy that you look at out of all of them. And there's there's a few again. Boyd's been looking pretty good. Spencer Turnbull again. I think he looked really good today to me. I thought he had an outstanding outing. But but my XYZ, really the guy where he seems like he can do it all. He's got that high fastball at 96 97 ondas looking like he has the potential to be a bonified. Eight top, You know, not only top of the rotation guy, but you know, top of the division top of the A l kind of pictures, So he's the one that I would say if you have to pick any of them. He's the one to watch. And I'm sure both miss and Dennis both big baseball. Nuts over here would probably agree with me. I would say the next one. That's up. I mean, Terek is, you know, school's looking, You know, he's had ups and downs. I think down the miners, you're looking at Matt Manning being one of the big ones as well to come up. It was almost kind of like, you know, uh, horse race between him and Casey, Miles who's gonna be the one that gets the nod to come up to Detroit in case he's right. He's right on the heels. He's close to coming up and Being being a future, you know, either. Pitcher number one pitcher number two, basically, alongside Casey. My So Mike. There's some guys down in the minors right now that are making waves. Just gotta give a little time. I know that. You know that. It's It's probably gonna be another Bismol year for the Tigers. But given time, man, it will be good. He'll be ready to go and you're gonna have yourself a nice little pitching staff. But Javy that's Ah, He's one of these one in a million. My dude. All right. Here's my $10,000 question. Ali..

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