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All fifty states equal housing lender NMLS number thirty thirty It. Was another violent weekend in Chicago nearly sixty people were shot here over the weekend at. Least six of them, died Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson says the people who are carrying out the. Violence are cowards I share the, anger and frustration that many. Families are having today mainly because these acts are tragic senseless and cowardly This however are. Making good progress. We already have three people in three persons of interest in custody from weekend incidents, those dead include two teenagers who had been. Reported missing in recent days the two teenagers sixteen and seventeen years old are identified as friends racial on Turner, and Darnall flowers their bodies were found in a field near. One hundred thirtieth and roads police are questioning two, persons of, interest and acting Environmental Protection Agency administrator Andrew Wheeler paid a visit to Chicago's EPA offices today but Bill Cameron says the union representing. The EPA workers here could not get a meeting. With him wheelers predecessor the always controversial Scott Pruitt laid off dozens of APA workers here, we Lurs been trying to be less controversial but. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, joined union leaders and congressman Peter roskam's Strella Sharm Castro. To say not much has changed since he has been the administrator, we've seen the lessening of the auto emission standards Both, sides are, all EPA. Is doing is getting rid of some burdensome regulations, Bill Cameron WLS AM eight ninety news. And President Trump says New, York Times story that. Says White House counsel Don Mcgann has been cooperating extensively with these special counsel team. Investigating Russian election meddling is a fake piece in a series of Sunday. Tweets Trump also wrote that Mcgann is not a rats like the Watergate era White House attorney who. Turned on Richard Nixon Andy said so many lives have. Been ruined over. Nothing Illinois state fair vendors say attendance and sales declined from last year the state, journal register reports the vendor say the mostly. Favourable weather did not help boost sales for the fair that has seen a downward trend over the past decade, MC means taffy owner Joan Miller says her family is sold. Taffy at the fair most years since nineteen twenty, four she, says her business down fifty percent from ten years ago Illinois state fair manager Luke sailor says some weekdays were a little slow but. He says weekend crowds were good there officials say Say it will likely be weeks before official attendance numbers are. Released WLS news time four oh six look at the roads lakeshore drive northbound before the oak, street beach curve. Left lane blocked with a crash the Edens right now cook just fifteen minutes. Inbound from lake cook to the junction twenty-five Kennedy outbound the. Junction twenty two to O'Hare forty five inbound O'Hare to downtown fifty junction, in thirty Eisenhower out to forty two Thorndale. Fifty two inbound from Thorndale to downtown fifty olefin thirty, Stevenson out, to the, tri-state forty two one hour out to the. Veterans tollway inbound from the. Veterans tollway that's about forty minutes tri-state in thirty in the Dan Ryan out ninety fifth the twenty five inbound from ninety fifth downtown twenty. Minutes outbound Bishop Ford, eighty is fifteen minutes southbound fifty seven hundred eighty s twenty minutes.

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