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So when you go now you've got people sort of freaking out like I know the state department said that I don't have to cancel my audience but do I want to cancel my plans out of an over abundance of caution it is a big question mark can a refund of the Canary Islands Spanish island down there you had a doctor from northern Italy went down regulation in a research will do well in this hotel got tested yep he's got code nineteen nine it's about a thousand people is very large hotel down there now are quarantined in their hotel rooms just like on the cruise ship off Japan for the next two weeks to the people we got two more cases today here in London and they were able to trace one back to a contact in northern Italy and another contact from Tenerife so you kind of you can connect the dots if you will but at this stage yeah you don't know if you should go someplace because guess what you might be influencing somebody on the street corner and guess what view with two days or maybe a week or two later you're not feeling so good all right Tom thank you for the update and I will keep an eye on this I know that they'll be you know heavily heavily in northern California trying to figure out where this person in Solano county might have contracted it but you look at how it takes the two week process like you were just saying and then who you come in contact with where you've gone for those two weeks how do you know how do you remember what exactly will be untraceable and if this thing does go down the road of of really escalating it will be on on on no traceable it really well all right thank you so much John take care yeah this is K. F. I. N. K. O. S. T. H. D. to Los Angeles and if we do here anymore on the case in northern California election now let's go and take a look at your drive now robin banks is checking out the ten yeah there's a crash in west Covina is on the western side of the tenant Quente still block the three left to everyone.

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