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I am Lieutenant Kim Montas the Florida highway patrol reminding you that when you see flashing lights move over or slow down to twenty miles under the posted speed limit. It's the law move over Florida. A life depends on it. It's great to be a scuba diver and scuba is inviting you to come to their open house celebration on Saturday, February nine from ten AM to five PM and be sure to stop in before register for your chance to win Alpine's scuba stump to thought by some scuba and register today for great prizes for info booth itself. Scuba dot com. Hey, Sean, Hannity, and you're listening to news ninety six five WDBO where Orlando turns for breaking news, weather and traffic twenty four hours a day. By Southey steel, appliance warehouse rain finally starting to move out as we get closer to daybreak this morning. Temperatures in the mid forties. We will see more sunshine by the afternoon, a high near sixty from channel nine eyewitness news. I'm certified chief meteorologist, Tom Terry. Now, SafeTouch Security triple team traffic. We continue with a crash on the four hundred eight headed eastbound state road four seventeen going to find the off ramp blocked and construction continues on the beach line east and westbound between jet port traffic consulate drive. It's got a couple lanes blocked. Traffic update is brought to you by the Crohn's and colitis foundation. The Crohn's and colitis foundation invites you to take steps for cures at a walk event near you. Get started at CC take steps dot org. Triple team traffic. I'm Richard Lewis. News ninety six point five WDBO. We save you time on your way to work. We'll be here with traffic every six minutes every six minutes in the morning, noon and at six on the drive home from the ground. The air traffic alerts every six minutes on.

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