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I schedule i ignore. Ignore his first three drafts because they know by about the fourth one hill. Apologize for the first three and get it right. You know what i had to do. I had to block corporate greg. He's blocked. I don't get his emails anymore. I'm tired of getting a scheduled. Your keep throwing him and watch the world burn. That's a little bit of hyperbole. It's not what was that last night. That was a full five alarm. Blaze was the umpires is over. I don't know why not once twice. We'll circle back to this later but it is. It is so frustrating to lose three or four to the giants when they when you're basically tied with them at the top. Hey at two o'clock we're going to spend the wheel of questions in the meantime guests. Guess we haven't talked to him in a long time from the direct from the times in the whittier herald journal and all those papers that are part of the southern california news group. Bill plunkett who covers the team really closely. You coming up next. He's coming up license for bill. Yeah me to talk about some of these real options. Some of the decisions made last night. And what he expects going forward. That's coming up next for you. Mason ireland seven ten. Espn i so tired about kenley. And last night he got out of a save because of too bad calls. Yeah he knew anything wrong at all. Dave roberts says he's sticking with ken. Leah's the closer. He's not going to pitch three games. That are so he's off tonight and then is available for the weekend and joining us right now. You read them in the toledo times and the whittier bugle in the Camarillo daily none of those. None of those are actual papers. I read him in both the register and the daily news last week. Bill plunkett joins us who covers the dodgers as closely as anybody. Bill thanks for coming on. What are you doing man not doing much right now. I mean i. I'm staying away from twitter because my fingers get singed. If i touch anything with twitter right now the word kenley it'd be buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. What did you think of what doing down. Last night I think it was an example of a couple of things and the first is give the giants credit. Finally please somebody. I they we have to. Somebody emailed yes. You do your hair. They're doing all the little things that the dodgers say they need to do. You mean the play. Second base vosper hustle. He didn't they take it as a. Oh by the way. Bill jimmy not get too wet sloppy kisses. Well let's take them one at a time. You mentioned the play at second base. Bill i watch over. And i didn't think there was enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. They called him safe. I would have said the same thing. But they called him out. Did you think there was enough. Evidence overturn that call. Oh yeah. he's clearly safe okay. yeah he'd be. He beat the throw and no question about fair to criticize noisy for not stretching or is that kind of a week. Yeah yeah it's kind of a reach a. He should have been more aggressive. And that's again that's the little things you didn't play it out. You just assumed the you know we get the forced the games over. He didn't play it out with the aggressiveness. So that that swing. I'll know wrestling aggressive. Disputing the check swing. That was the strikeout right. Yeah that was a terrible call but so was strike one during the bat. If you were following it your fell behind to and you should have been three. You know joe davison tv referred to that as a gift from above. Yeah yeah. hey so bill is there any. Is there any talk of. I hate replay. I just think it doesn't work most of the time. And i'd love to get rid of it in all sports but as long as it's around why wouldn't that be a reviewable play. They appealed it to first base. I first of you have to accurately in specifically define what constitutes a swing and baseball never had broke his rest. Isn't that kind of what it is when you read the roll restaurant rule orel that. There's there's no it's it's like in the nfl. What's the catch. Yeah but bill. The argument i would've made is that his bat went across the plate. That wouldn't get it done again. Broke his wrist. That's that's not in. That's not in. The rule at the rule is so vague. There is not as specific thing that you can move to. I mean you can review a play at second base. Did he the debate. Did he touch the base before the ball arrived. Those are very specific things to put it this way the intensive swinging and all i. It's very if there was a review it would have been overturned right. it would have been called strikeout. Yes oh absolutely yeah. You had to look at bill. Let me ask you this we. I've been arguing all day. Then and i. maybe. I just don't want to accept what modern baseball has become but to me just looking at it with common sense would hold different argument right here. So here's where i'm going with. Common sense told me blake training through seven pitches in the eighth inning and didn't have any problems it seems to me when i grew up. They would've tried it. That guy out there to pitch the ninth. The guy who pitched the eighth and seven pitches isn't a realistic. Is it unrealistic. Don't see anymore. Why blake trying to blake. Trying will go one plus. I mean he'll come in to clean something up getting out and then come back to the next inning. Yep but he's not gonna go to innings gives if you burn you burned for two innings every time. Then you're not gonna have his often. What happens if there's trouble tomorrow. You know trouble tonight. They they can go to him you. He's only thrown. I think it was nine pitches the night before. Yeah so it. And the and there is a thing with some pitchers About going back out if they finish off an inning when they go back out the stuff is not as good whether it's mental whether it's physical You know the the one plus is something that they don't like to do with high leverage relievers. So yeah this is what. I've been trying to go through with with john. Training is unbelievably valuable. Because when there are two runners on in the seventh-inning he's the guy you put on the mount he's like he's like your high leverage as you said cleanup guy that you need kenley janssen's coming in generally speaking with a clean inning. I would argue that. It's tougher to be blake trying than it is to be kenley jansen. It's tougher to come in when there are runners on then. When they're when you've gotta clean any. I i just think they offer to find. It's tougher to find someone who can be effective in that role. Yes so which is why. It's the it's the trickle. If you you know okay kenley has been terrible. He was you know good in the first half but it wasn't with never gonna laugh because it's walk rate is too high. He's just he's not the same guy. He was forty years ago. So you move him out of the out of the closer role you put blake trying in the closer you have just weakened your bullpen overall. You solve one problem but you created others what is unique wanted with two runners phil bickford or dare kluber dachsie. Those those just aren't the guy..

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