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Yeah, we'll definitely have to have you back on if you want but yeah same with you guys maybe watch Star Trek doesn't have Christmas episodes was like we do Christmas one next month, but I don't have Christmas episodes. Do they have do they have life wife day know life life thing? All right. No I say hey, so there is era in Andromeda episode is that Star Trek is a God. I think that's a good place to allow mayor's Beets Battlestar Galactica. Well, thank you guys so much for coming on and listening and that has been our Trek Round Table. Why we wow, wow, that was great covered so much in such great perspective and insight from the guys immensely impressed. Love seeing it from another angle in different perspective and so many good points and I'm again. Thank you so much for listening. I definitely appreciate listening. I think this is our longest episode. Is that right Luna? Is there along the side? So it was so so much fun to do so, you can definitely tell that in the episode. So again a little housekeeping or watch out for a Halloween episode this Saturday October 31st, and then continue on with our Discovery reviews. Also you can hit us up on Instagram at a mega particle podcast and on Twitter at a microparticle underscore. Feel free to reach out love talking with you guys and forming those relationships and again always feel free to reach out and thank you guys so much for for listening and always remember second star to the right straight on till morning off off off..

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