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Four long i i would not be surprised to see you regularly attended games down in the west end i believe that can happen to my daughter loves soccer she played nice school got a couple college offers ended up not taking them but i want to go with her she's in the military now when she gets back i'm definitely going to go or i'll probably go with my friends but i tell you i'm smart enough pat brennan to know that really it's not my generation that matters it's the generation after me and the way that generation in this community has taken the soccer is nothing short of amazing i gotta be honest with you i'm one of these guys from jeff burning made the announcement back in two thousand fifteen that hey we're bringing soccer to cincinnati it was met with a big old yawn and okay here we go again but boy could i have been more wrong i mean what that man in the limited should done in you know we all got exasperated with pat brennan but in a relatively short period of time wouldn't you say absolutely and could be fair i think the team probably a far exceeded its own expectations for what they could accomplish i mean you know there were moments during the first season there where fan support was that such a critical mass that fc cincinnati didn't have kind of the technical infrastructure to keep up with it i mean that you couldn't buy beer on the concourse because the systems were just overwhelmed and flooded because that's how many fans were there and then last season famously when fc cincinnati got set to host new york and the us open cup semifinals the demand for tickets was such that they crash the website that you buy the tickets so i just think it's just been huge it's been an incredible go ride to watch the.

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