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Tale from Italy, the country hardest hit at the height of the pandemic. It's a sacrifice we're making to protect and preserve ourselves. And I would say also to protect the rest of Europe in containing this virus, But let's hope that this will not change us in a bad word. Nine months later. How have Italians changed? We visit the only coastal town in Europe that never feared a no deal. Brexit. This is given to the city off Bruce until eternity. 50 fisherman from Bruce can come to the The sea off of England and fish. Also, you're a protest in Belarus will hear from the artists who've been inspiring. That's here on weekend. I am Neil New nose with the BBC News. The European Union officially begins a mass of vaccination program and Sunday to protect the 450 million people in the block from Corona virus. Germany, Hungary and Slovakia, however, already started administering the fines of my Aunt Take vaccine more from David Bamford. Health workers in North East Germany said they were not prepared to wait another day. They began by immunizing elderly residents of a nursing home Hungry began vaccinating hospital staff hours after the first doses were transported across the border from Austria. Earlier, the head of the European Commission as the Thunder Lion released a video celebrating the vaccine rollout, calling it a touching moment of unity. Millions of Americans have lost unemployment benefits after President Trump refused to sign into law a massive covert relief bill by the midnight deadline, the president elect Joe Biden described it doesn't abdication of responsibility. Is in Mac William. The covert relief bill is the product of months of negotiations between the Trump administration and Democratic leaders. It would provide nearly $900 billion of desperately needed pandemic assistance. After Congress approved the bill last week, President Trump calls surprise and fury by delaying his signature. He has complained that it will pay too much to special interests, and he says he wants to give Americans a bigger one off payment to change already rejected by Republicans in Congress. Bangladesh is expected to move a second group of RO hinge a refugees to the remote island of Bashan troll in the coming days. Bangladeshi officials say that up to 1000 off the revenge is originally from me and Mama will be moved from refugee camps, too especially built housing complex on the flood prone island. Newly released a document from the Irish government has revealed that the IRA wanted to freeze its political wing Shin Fain out of talks with Britain 30 years ago because it deemed the party to be two Socialists. Subsequent talks were a crucial precursor to the priest peace process. Here's Adam Porter, the Internal Irish government communicate from 30 years ago reported that the Iraqi Army Council told two chaplains at the Maze prison that it was prepared to enter exploratory talks with the U. K. The clergy reported that the IRA accepted that any talks would have to be secret but didn't want Shin Fain involved. One chaplain, said he got the impression that the Army Council was not particularly enamored with the socialist views being exposed by the party's urban based leadership. Police and federal agents in the American state of Tennessee have been searching a property they believe is linked to the Christmas Day blast in Nashville. Police sources say the suspect may have been killed in the blast and are carrying out DNA tests on human remains found at the scene. World News from the BBC Voters in the Central African Republic go to the polls today amid continuing conflict much off the country is outside the government's control and rebel advance on the capital. Bondi was pushed back last weekend with the assistance of U. N peacekeepers. Julian Bedford reports. Many blame the unrest on the former president Francois Boise's, eh? The upsurge in violence followed his disqualification from the election by the Constitutional Court on the Grand said he faced an arrest warrant and U N sanctions. His party, however, has denied that he has anything to do with the rebel offensive..

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