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Oil demand ac- normalizing to previous levels by twenty twenty two. There is no doubt that nicola will be closely watched next week with the expiration of a share lockup and the company facing a deadline for completing anticipated partnership deal with general motors. Shares of nicole has been swinging wildly over the last few weeks. And we'll large technical selling pressure after december. I if insiders decide to take profits including founder and former chairman trevor shares of nicola are up more than forty percent over the last six weeks the week ahead could see more focus on the implications for the tech sector of a biden presidency and gop senate geopolitical risk has been hanging over the heads of apple cisco and semiconductor vendors highly exposed to china from a supply. Chain perspective reminds wedbush securities. Analyst dan ives. In addition there is also alphabet and facebook. Which could face less regulatory pressure under a split government scenario a second key dynamic. Play out in the tech world over the next twelve to eighteen. Months is the secular growth areas around cloud and cybersecurity. That are seen eye-popping demand trends. We have not witnessed in our twenty plus years of covering tech stocks on the street noted. Ives he says stalwarts. Such as microsoft and salesforce are front and center on this cloud path while the underlying infrastructure and platforms enabling. This shift. Stand to be major benefits of this spending surge. Global look alibaba. Tencent and by do look position. Strategically to benefit from the acceleration of cloud spending across the us europe and asia pacific us auto retail sales for november are expected to be up nearly three percent from a year ago when adjusted for the same number of selling days. According to a forecast from truecar fleet. Sales are expected to be down. Twenty one percent. During the month average transaction prices are projected to be up nearly five percent from a year ago. Total sar is expected to decrease four percent from a year ago to sixteen point..

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