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Eight twenty one Todd Jeffries. Don prior just noticed that Chuck Schumer. Yeah. He met with bectal award last week to discuss a possible. Twenty twenty Senate campaign race against Senator John Cornyn. God, that's according to sources close to the meeting Aurora a democrat who lost a narrow margin Ted Cruz in that race in two thousand eighteen th considering running for president and has a public discuss running in the Senate, at least he hasn't talked about it publicly. He did tell Oprah that he may make a decision on what he's gonna do by the end of the month. So there you go. A former Obama cabinet secretary Julian Castro was also announced he wants to be in the White House considered by many to be the best of the best to compete against John Cornyn. So corden is going to be facing possibly aerobic and what's your name from from Waco? I think his seat is probably. You. Looking at me. We've talked about it yesterday. You said what I don't know. Wako wako. What's your name? Selling blanking on her name. Wako WaKo what Georgetown, Georgetown MJ? Hey, guys Hager. County. Yeah. Yeah. So almost beat John Carter. Well, yeah. I know it was tight. Lord knows there's gonna be momentum aerobic. But I think it's gonna be a tough fight not only momentum. But a lot of money into the state to try to. But listen, John Cornyn solid. He's a he's a solid, man. No question. Listen, Ford is recalling almost one point five million vehicles over the fact that can cause involuntary downshifting into the first gear. No that has led to at least five accidents including one involving whiplash. God the recalls are one point four eight million f one fifty pick-up trucks as well. As the Lincoln Lincoln continentals, the navigators in the Ford Mustang. I have not heard of any stories like this. But I guess you wouldn't mean if somebody crashed think about that. Right. This is how many cases we know. Right. There have been a handful at least five accidents. How many accidents are out there that we just didn't know we didn't attribute to this problem? Could you imagine that? Oh my goodness. How fast you're going and it drops too low? Gear. Yeah. Through the windshield. Could in some cases. Absolutely. So they got a big retirement underway. Recall rather jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety eight update you on jussie smollet. He sat down with good Morning America for the first time since being attacked in Chicago right in an interview with the empire's star jussie mullet small it airs on good Morning America today. It's the first interview since he reported being a victim of a racist homophobic attack last month in Chicago about two thirty in the morning and the temperatures about fifteen degrees below zero. He says he was jumped by a couple of dudes wearing red Maga hats. They were chanting. You know, pro Trump type things calling him all kinds of homophobic words. They apparently poured bleach on him. They put a noose around his neck, and they've scoured tons of surveillance video, and there's a lot of folks out there that don't believe him. They believe he's making all of this up in the first interview since the reported being an attack victim in this racist, homophobic attack and Chicago police are still on the lookout for two suspects that he says the attack, but the investigation is going very well. Smaller claim that he was on the phone with this manager when he was attacked. So Chicago police asked for his phone records. Well, it took several days for him to turn it over. Right. And when he finally did it was heavily redacted and police couldn't get anything useful at all. Smaller traps says the redacted information was not relative to the attack and was only withheld to protect the privacy of personal contacts and high profile individuals. He told police he was on the phone with his manager. At least you should be able to confirm that exactly manager not want to confirm that in this day and time here's the easy here. He is. What is it? That has you so angry it the the attackers actors, but it's also the attacks psych. I it was a thing of like, listen, if I tell the truth, that's it because it's the truth. Then it became a thing of like. Oh, how can you doubt? That like how do you? How do you not believe that it's the truth? And then it became a thing. Like, oh, it's not necessarily that. You don't believe that? This is the truth. You don't even want to see the truth. Well, Jesse you're not doing yourself any favors because the things you have said and done are casting doubts on the investigation. He may have been attacked this. It may be word for word what he says. But we gotta find some evidence and find some suspects to to have a case. And that would be the case whether you're black or white or whatever, and I'm sorry in in my opinion has nothing to do with his race at all or his sexual orientation. People people in the Twitter verse think is just a made up story. I buying it either. Because I'm sorry. His story. Sounds like something right out of Hollywood that comes from script right down to the to the Maga hat..

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