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Twitter you can go check amount and choose see if you can pick all four winners in those games coming up we've been following fires of course all day the big fires there are eight they say burning throughout the state we talked with the cal fire deputy chief in charge of communications earlier and he was describing sort of the the stretched out nature still tenable but the they stretched out nature of cal fire in all the different agencies that work under the umbrella to try to battle these fires the biggest one in terms of resources and also in terms of acreage right now is the can Cade fire burning up in cinema county twenty two thousand acres almost about fifty structures destroyed they're not saying all of those were homes but there were definitely some homes that were lost there the genie says that they did have a transmission line issue near where that fire started sort of in the neighborhood of guys are felt and the take fire we've been telling you about in canyon country of course we'll get with Alex don't here just a few minutes we're open to but the Ramona area in San Diego county evacuations have now been issued in the Ramona area along highway seventy eight the sheriff's officials have been going door to door they're also doing a reverse nine one one for evacuations in that area and if the the information the is that the spread rates they call it on this saw day fire in Ramona is critical some of the reporters who were on the scene saying they have never seen anything like this when it comes to the speed that the fire is growing moderate and fast rate of spread was never but I've never seen critical that's from Gaby Rodriguez she says be safe if you're told evacuate please follow the orders the area in Mona again up in the mountains in San Diego county the salt a truck trail little page road little page lane old Julian highway creek hollow Dr increase call road all under mandatory evacuations right now because of the very very quick spread in the area just south of highway seventy eight between Ramona and Julian northeast of the San Diego country estates the conditions are critical they're saying with winds gusting thirty five to forty five miles an hour with single digit humidity in a few places eight in that area so they do have some air resources there's a few places that have already been tweeting and you can see some of the fire retardant that's been dropped but if you are in that area if you're in an area where you see smell smoke where you see the flames at all you are a danger you are in danger I should say and should be ready to go even if you think like I do then I'm eight miles away from the active flame for example in the take fire we've already had the discussions about what to take and when to take and where to go and how to get out so it's so I one of those great conversations to have before you need to you get it out before you need to and you get the idea of where you're going to go I was looking for the update in the Edison public safety power shut off website and according to socal Edison they still have all kinds of people that have their electricity shut off as a precaution now we know that the high wind warnings of the advisories are up and we expect to see the red flag warnings continue until ten o'clock tonight and as of just about thirty minutes ago so callous and says they still have about twenty thousand customers without power most of them in in LA county where it's about ten thousand people but there's also a hundred and thirty three hundred and thirty four thousand who are under consideration who could lose power could lose power if these winds continue Alex stone has been out in that area of the take fire in canyon country in following all of this Alex we've been talking with Chris and Carlos out there as well and he was saying is having a hard time finding plane very different from what we saw yesterday afternoon well yeah very different from even a couple of hours ago that this morning when we got here there was a lot of active claim they were all there were burning I'm back and I've been roaming around the back on that you're quite a road right now which is where a couple of the homes during this morning now the money the fire department I mean they're coming from all over the place Monica zero virus kind attending that did these homes there is one home on this road that I took the brunt of the damage was pretty much just a hollow shell we start burning from the early stages this morning the embers got up under the eaves and then it kind of burned from the roof down it just kept going and then there are some neighbors to it did have would nip again damaging firefighters were little while ago out here with chain saws can do everything they could to get into the attic and get in underneath the eaves odd if you try to put that out and they successfully have now but I'm driving around there's no active flame that I can see I mean I'm sure there are amber is still in there containment is very very low go there is still that danger and with this win it's still pretty windy here you're not coming down bird what it was earlier today there's still a danger that if any of those numbers like what happened last night early this morning if they get into brush then they could take off again with humidity levels slow and with that at the window and then the temperatures well but yeah not no smoke no fire right now there are no walls that prior fighters would officially stated they are in danger because they don't have it contained but there are no homes that are in imminent danger right now because there really is no active line to that end we only only understand that half a dozen or so homes were burned and they were in the one season two season one home in the neighborhood would go but the others would be saved and I noticed that you on Twitter posted a picture of a private fire protection company that's been working in some of those areas yeah I did here for it first point about the homes that dad that's accurate they did it got home here all over there now LA county fire says that the numbers are going to go up not because the moral of the date of birth but they're just now getting those damage assessment teams out to begin counting the homes I'm like you know I would guess it's gonna go about half a dozen guys when they can get a real account but they lightly at this point if the claims don't rage again they are going to lose any more than that it's pretty static right now the that the private firefighters yeah there are a number of different insurance companies now they have determined it is more cost beneficial to them if they pay to send in private firefighters then pay to rebuild your home goal USA a number of other insurance I mean if your insurance company will still insure you I know at least in the area that that we live in in critical reader of just outside of it that there are insurance companies could have been dropping a lot of our neighbors but USAA is one of those and there are others where they're not dropping but they send in private firefighters so your empire breaks out my run into them today and they they come in they got trucks with the USA on the side they are there to protect your home they work for you in that moment they will clear the brush around it they will fight that fire and do everything they will gel your home and they need to we run into in the Santa Rosa buyers we ran into the gel teams where they just got a giant crocs of blue and they use hoses and it can eat away at your paint but at the last minute decision if the home is surrounded by fire the group goes on the house and then remembers land on it the idea would be that you're always gonna burn but I you did all of those are our last ditch effort by the insurance companies but it's to their benefit to not have to rebuild your home yeah I think you and I both belong to the same insurance company so I guess we have those guys to look forward to if it comes to our new it is the one that I saw today been yeah I've been there they yeah they will take care of the dog sign up for that benefit hello it's okay for them to come on your property then they will do that work for you if you're a girl was in danger they can get in in time awesome all right Alex thank you appreciate it Alex down there at the latest on the take fire burning out in canyon country can follow Alex and let me just make sure I get his Twitter handle right it's a stone ABC news a stone ABC news and you can see some of the pictures including some of the images from yesterday which were absolutely unbelievable the amount of wind that was blowing through Alex's well he was wearing a hat but his hair at the time while he's one of these neighborhoods where you could see the flames just coming up over the tops of homes it was incredible all right we come back I wanted to get into just a quick the headlines from DC there some swamp watch stuff will talk about we know the president's been updated on some of the fires as well so we'll talk about that when we come back to the Kerry chance of any king what's gonna.

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