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The ball is given a Jimmy Taylor and Jimmy Taylor head down into the proverbial stone wall there was nothing there and all of that this with a letter opener through and so he was able to power and shop and others way down just inside the twenty five but that was it it's a pick up of a little better than that we are thrilled to be second on about seven yards to go Jerry may have been involved you can go right tackle combine to make the stop on the play we'll call it the twenty five yard line second in about seven hours just inside the twenty five MM playground for Green Bay star looking over the Kansas City depends on a draw play he gives it to a lie detector tests to find that Kansas city line and the fans are very very stubborn and he was able to take it to the twenty four yard line up pick up actually of less than a yard the ball was about halfway there in the right a tackle but Buchanan the right tackle or immovable on the play and brought down the ball carrier not cool at all by the bank of the forward pass which ended up in the drug plan is now on the twenty four it's third down and still about seven yards to go well with the thirty seven let's see the parts back comes up with now that he goes to call the protection is loading up the Brooklyn allies have been through again on the one on one and I thought I'd be looking for that one one a critical situation came along and sure enough he called the play that put the linebacker's name for men in the past in the past with a fourteen yard line and that's a first and ten for Green Bay but the thing that candidate he was worried about the five man past patterns where they check the blitz which Gandhi said he normally does not do and then swing the pass either to the pull back Gimme Taylor on the right our pets coming back on the left side four minutes and forty four seconds left to play in the second quarter of the game first in ten of the fourteen yard line Jimmy Taylor the.

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