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Women of our military. President Trump has said that the country could be overwhelmed by what he termed an invasion of central Americans. The governor of the Mexican state of Veracruz has withdrawn and offer to transport thousands of Central American migrants towards the US border Miguel and fell Eunice had offered to bus the migrant convoy, hundreds of kilometers to Mexico City. But see now says it would be wrong to do. So at present because of water shortages in the capital. President Trump has announced his intention to terminate Martinez preferential trade arrangements with the US from the start of January because the African country has not made sufficient progress on ending forced labor. The move follows a review of Mauritania's eligibility for benefits under the African growth and Opportunity Act. Daiva involved in search and rescue operations following a plane crash in Indonesia last Monday has died line flight JT six ten plunged into the sea shortly after taking off from the international airport in Jakarta with one hundred and eighty nine people on board. There were no survivors, Rebecca Hinchey is in Jakarta. Authorities say Cheryl anto was rushed to a north Shikata hospital on Friday night that pronounced dead on arrival. He was diving in the Jarvis e in an operation to retrieve the lion, aircraft and recover more of the passengers bodies. His colleagues have paid tribute to him saying he was driven by desire to help people. He had also been involved in rescue efforts in Palo on the island of Sulawesi. After the recent earthquake and soon NAMI, thousands of dead comp of washed up on the banks of the river in Iraq, south of the capital Baghdad. Steve Jackson has more details photos from the freight e show. Nick piles of dead fish wedged under a bridge fish farmers of expressing shock and anger at the loss of their livelihoods for the cause of the deaths has yet to be determined Iraq's health ministry says it is still carrying out tests on both the water and the fish, but most people are blaming pollution. Tens of thousands of people were admitted to hospital in Basilan earlier this year due to water contamination. But health officials say this time, no human illness has been reported from eating the fish world news from the BBC after one of the biggest tiger hunts in Indian history of six year old tigress believed to kill thirteen. People have been shot dead Shia-dominated capture for more than two years in the jungles of the western state of Maharashtra animal activists had campaigned to save the creature the body of the Thai owner of Leicester City football club. We see what's an opera par has been flown to Thailand for an elaborate Buddhist funeral Mr.. We try one of his country's wealthiest businessman died in a helicopter crash of the teams stadium in Britain a week ago. Jonathan had reports from Bangkok in America the status enjoyed by the late owner of Leicester City in his home country. His funeral rights are being sponsored by king. Mohammed. You're a Longhorn who has supplied an octagonal earn and a five tiered umbrella for the six day ceremony. A rare honour in Thailand the funeral starts with a traditional bathing ceremony. Buddhist monks will then repeat customer chance for six nights before a final cremation, which is likely to be attended by much of Thailand's business and political elite. A highlight will be the arrival of the Leicester City plays on Sunday who were flying out right after a Premier League match against Cardiff. It's been refilled the two bugle owned by the English poet Wilfred Owen will be played for the first time in public on Sunday to Mark the hundredth anniversary of his death on the western front in the first World War. It recalls one of his most famous war poems anthem for doomed youth, Rebecca Chen sent this report. Bugles cooling for them from.

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