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Play well in forty nine other states they don't care they only want to play to the people who are standing by them the loyal people loyalty is key right now in this white house well and if you just to to make it to make that point he has been very very critical of rights priebus in very backhanded ways listen to what he said also in the same interview with cnn about his relationship with ranks priebus up want to talk about the there we have to add odd we have had differences what i said we are brothers from the on the podium that because we're up off the some or others or white cane able other brothers fight with each other and get along i don't know if this is repairable or not that will be up to the president takeup of either cheapest fare is responsible or he was saying that his relationship with ryan spree this you remember when he was when he was introduced at the white house last week he referred to his relationship with winds previous and said that they've known each other and have been friends for about six years but that they are more like brothers in adel fight at one one instance in then you know protect each other and indifferent instance and then he went so far as to talk about the most historic brotherlee couple of any time time in the history of the world cain and able in which cain eventually killed able there so happy ending their come on that's the that's the worst brotherly relationship you could probably think oh right but that's the one that he chose a there are a lot of people have already said that the rumor mill in dc has scaramucci becoming the next chief of staff eventually pushing spree previous out of the.

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