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Really. I've got some, I got some basic questions for you. And then I'm going to let you go. Okay. And get on with your career. All right. I have I have really loved you for long time. Not only because, but mainly because you have been in the Hollywood world and you have taken your fate seriously and you have used your platform in the business to talk about the things that most people want to talk about, which is to say, God and God related issues. So my question for you is brother when when did that begin for you that desire to do that in Hollywood? I'd say it became more apparent to me probably somewhere in my late 30s. And, you know, but why? In other words, is that because, you know, you have kids and you're beginning to think like, hey, I'm pretty successful. Maybe I need to give back. I mean, so in other words, this is something. You wander through a wasteland for like 20 years, right? And you kind of start scratching your head thinking, and things aren't going so well. Maybe I should do things a little different. And you begin to reexamine things that once you held firm and maybe you relax with, you know, you let it go. And so it's just a gradual process of, I think, working on your stuff, trying to improve yourself. Because, you know, we're all, we're all tend to sort of be egotistical. You know, it's all about me. You know, and it's pathetic, you know? I've never had that problem. You never had that? No. Well, you deserve. You'll ever meet Mel, I just want that right. I'm not afraid to tell you. Well, those of us who've watched who've watched your career and you're willingness to put it out there. I mean, the passion, the hell that you took when you were trying to bring that to the screen. As you know, there were millions of people cheering for you and what you were doing. And we're cheering for you right now with the father stew film. We're just we're proud of you. Your voice for a lot of people. So let me ask you with regard to this film, how did you get involved in this film? How did this come to you? Yeah, this came through a screenplay. Well, Mark was involved. And Rosie was involved. And I look at the screenplay that she had written and I was really charmed by it. I thought it was funny. And it was poignant. And it wasn't too sanitized or saccharin. It wasn't preaching to the choir. It was a story about real people who were pretty, you know, venal in many respects, as we all are. And it showed you a path that this man took a true path, and where he got to and where he ended. And it's kind of a triumphant kind of, you know, pretty inspiring story. And I liked it. I dug it, you know? It's absolutely, you know, it's beautiful, again, that you are using a platform you have to get these stories out there. There is a hunger for it. But do you remember at least I do. I remember when you were trying to raise money. You Mel Gibson are trying to raise money to put the passion on the screen and I was fascinated how difficult that was for you. It's astonishing to me how hostile Hollywood and even not just Hollywood, but people are afraid, but you push through. I would say. Well, it was I had trouble distributing the film. And but I found a distribution company that would do it. And off we went, I financed it myself, of course. So it was not something that was done by a big studio or any 7 sisters didn't dig it. But eventually, it came out. I mean, it was distributed overseas by Fox. And of course, in a domestically by a company, oh man, what was their name? What was the name of that company? Can you imagine can't remember, man, it's gone now that company, but yeah. Well, listen, speaking for a lot of people, we really love you. We're proud of what you've been doing. And we really look forward to the launch of this film. Yeah, well, thank you. And, you know,.

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